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Sikhism being confusing

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Sat-siri-akhal once again,

Okay i have been thinking about this for some time. It seems to me that Sikhism teaches to release any anger/hatred and other negative emotions that can seem to "eat up" an individual.

But how about this for example: Say if someone murdered your sister and the police couldn't find them, and you saw them on the street one day.

As a Sikh, would you beat the living s*** out of them as it says in religion to defend yourself and protect one another etc, or would YOU just talk to them because then again, Sikhism says NO ANGER should be kept.

Hmm tough choice, but Sikhism rules are very confusing when it comes to these things.

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in the times of the gurus - singhs would go into battle to save hindu and sikh women from the muslim mogul invaders, these women would probably have gotten raped if not saved....... now were muslims killed?? yes - was there a degree of anger? yes... according to the state of the world in those times it was neccessary for our gurus to pick up the sword to defend themselves - other men and women, the gurus gave the sikhs weapons too... which we carry with us at all times

in the time of injustice - a sikh should fight for WHAT IS RIGHT... however, as a sikh u shouldnt oppress anyone, or allow urself to be oppressed

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if ALLLLLLLLLL (ABSOLUTELY ALLLLLLLLL) other mechanisms fail, only THEN is it righteous to use the sword..

you can't kill someone right away without trying to use some peaceful method to deal with the problem first..thats where you need to control your anger and be able to think rationally in all situations of life..

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Mmmm..... hard one... or maybe not.

Is sum1 causes anger in you...not only must you ask God to forgive u... u must ask God to forgive them for any actins and thoughts they have for causing anger or anyfin....

Even though most fail... i know i have.... its a test isnt it?

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