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Sewapanthi website update and links

The website is going to be only slightly updated over the next few days.

In the mean time there is this site;


The Mitha Tiwana parampra is an important Sevapanthi one with Dera Satowaligali as perhaps its most famous centre with Baba Jvaahar Singh ji. This rickety site is by their centre in Hoshiarpur. There is an important Mitha Tiwana dera in Amritsar near Darbar Sahib presided by the very hospitable Baba Surinder Singh ji. This place takes kids either from the street or from very poor families and trains them as kirtani and/or granthis.

There'll be more information about them coming up on the sewapanthi.org website. There will also be an update (the ashirvaad of Sri Mahant Tirath Singh ji Sewapanthi) within the next few days along with sound files of his katha on Japuji Sahib later.


Tirath Singh

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