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Surrender Yourself


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Satguru Kee Saevaa Gaakharee Sir Dheejai Aap Gavaae

Without surrending your head, it is difficult to serve the Guru, give up your selfishness.

Guru Amardass Ji

Siree Raag 27

Tan Man Dhan Sab Saunp Gur Ko Hukam Maniey Paaniey

Body Mind and Soul. Give it to Guru Ji

Abide by the sacred commandment of the Divine Guru

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Pg 918

Pelhan Maran Kabul Jivan Ki Chhad Aas, Hohu Sabhna Reinka Tu Aao Hamaare Pass.

First accept death and discard the hope of life and become the dust of the feet of all, then only you can come to me"

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj - Sri Guru Granth Sahib 1102

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Eihu Sir Dheejai Aap Gavaaeae

Offer your head and shed yourself conceit

Raag Aasaa 424

Nanak Sir Dhae Shootteeai Dharageh Path Paaeae

Offering one head, one is emancipated and honoured in the court of the Lord

Raag Aasaa 421

Jo To Prem Khelan Ka Chaao

Sir Dhaar Tali Gali Meri Aao

It Maarag Pair Dhaarejay

Sir Deejay Kaan Na Keejay

If you want to play the game of love with me then place your head on the palm of your hand

and step onto my path

Laydown your head with no concern for anything else

Sri Guru Granth Sahib 1412

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