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Importance of sadhu di sangat??


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got it sikhsangat forum:

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa Waher Guru Ji Ki Fateh

Would be very greatfull if you would spare some time and read this ....

i just wanted to post this forum to tell people about the importance of Saad Sangat .... as in todays society there are many people who believe in Mahapursh, and do their sangat and on the other hand there are people who do not believe in Mahapursh, and get into bad habits of doing nindia of these mahapursh in a view as they are not true..... ??

There are and have been many Chardikala Mahaprush in this world, to name a few like Babaji Nanad Singh JI Maharaj Nanaksar , Babaji Isher Singh Ji Maharaj Nanaksar , Babaji Ishar Singh Ji Rara Sahib, Babaji Attar Singh Ji Maharaj and many more,.......who have with the bakshish of Sri Guru Granth Sahib JI and Guru Maharaj JI's Pavitar Naam have reached to a level of enlightenment and knowing Waheguru and its internal peace with love and devotion......

Satpursh are beings that have come on this world and with the blessings of Gurumaharaj have tried to point to us the right direction towards the path of truth, which we have lost during the years of Kalyug........

I would like to tell you a Vajan a Chardikala Mahapursh had done to his sangat to explain the meaning and importance of Guru Maharaj Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and their beloved Devotees true Mahapursh......

There was a family who lived together happily and lovingly. The head of the Family (their father) use to work very hard day and night to gather the most valuable riches of the world. There came a time when their father had to leave earth as it was time for him to depart from this world. He thus called all his family and told them that he will have to leave this world as the time has come. But before leaving he instructed his family that all his valuable earnings was the most precious and priceless riches he worked day and night for and stored it in a chest for them so that they may not suffer from any difficulties in times to come. And after these valuable instructions he departed.....

The family, then kept the chest in a safe and respected place as it was the fathers only gift left behind for them..... The would every day pray before it and respect it as their father ...... but from the changes in time there was a time on the family that they had come to suffer hardship and sufferings..... and the family prayed and wepted that they wished their father would be there to help them and missed the fathers hand over their head.......

One day at the time of hardship a Satpursh, Mahapursh passed by their house and knocked on their door. As the family members opened the door the asked what the mahapursh had wanted. The Mahaprush replied why are you crying. The family members replied that we are suffering a time of hardship. The Mahapursh told them wether their father had left behind anyhting for them before leaving this world. The family replied yes they did and we have kept it safely with all respect, and pray in front of it and remember are beloved father for all he done for us. The Mahapursh then smiled and replied that have you ever tried opening the chest that had all the riches your father worked day and night for. The family replied '' No ''. The Mahapursh then smiled and replied open the chest and see for yourself the truth your Father worked hard for.

If you have understood the story the Family is referred to the Sangat of Gursikhs, and Father is referred to as the 10 Paadshai's from Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Ji Maharaj to Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. And the Chest is referred to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, where the most valuable treasures, the Pavitr Banies of great Bhagats and Saints are composed together. And the Mahapursh is referred to the Saints and Satpursh those who came on this earth, and are coming and will be always coming on this land of Kalyug as they are sent by Whaeguru Ji himself.....

Saad Sangat ke Ghar Vase Iko Sacha Soi……..

In the true sangat of the saints he himself, true Lord is present …..

Please forgive me if I have typed anything wrong or hurt anyone’s feelings, please let me know as this is my second post ....... .....

Bul Chuk Maf

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