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It's Funny...but Sad, It Makes You Smile, Frown Upon,& T


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Got this from email

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

It's funny how "punjabi" people do things against "Sikhism", but yet still call themselves sikhs; and also how they don't try to become better sikhs by trying hard. They instead say that God isn't helping them. Here are just some things I think about each day.

It's funny how some parents want to see their children to be respectful...

but yet don't show respect for others...including their own kids.

It's funny how some parents don't let their kids cut their hair...

but yet cut it themselves.

It's funny how some parents refer to Gurbaani so much when it's the only way to make their kids listen...

but then when their kids tell the parents that they are wrong for cutting hair (and other stuff aginst sikhi), the parents say "That's a different story.".

It's funny how some parents want their kids to grow up knowing about sikhi...

but then when their kids question them in sense to get their parents to realize reality, they say "I know what's right and wrong."(reality meaning that the parents didn't/ dont't do many things according to the teachings of the Gurus, but are telling their children to follow the Gurus)

It's funny how some parents take their kids to the Gurudwara...

but just let their sons play around, yelling, jumping, swearing even, while in Guru jis home. (Making their daughter go and find her brother(s) and then get mad at the her because she couldn't find them and/or bring them when they wanted....i've seen this happen too many times.)

It's funny how people can spend hours and hours partying away, drinking, yelling like crazy, dancing like crazy...

but yet still say that sitting in the Gurudwara is too hard. They are aware of the fact that the Gurudwara is a place of peace and harmony (without any worries)...but yet still say this.

It's funny how people can spend their money on things that aren't needed at all...

but then say that they don't have enough money to give daswand. (10% income)

It's funny how some people think that its ok to smoke and party and drink with Guru jis Khanda around their necks...

while it seems to us as if they are trying to spread the meaning of "Sikhi Rocks!".

It's funny how people recite "Dhan hai Dhan hai Dhan hai. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Dhan hai!"...

but yet don't follow even 30% of what Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji asks us to do.

It's funny how people know that they have to follow the law of their country (examples: drive at correct speed, don't drink and drive, obeying traffic lights, paying bills, getting up early to go to work ..etc...you get my point, i hope) in order to survive and/or not get into trouble (jail, fees, etc.)...

but yet don't follow our Guru ji's teachings... Shouldn't they know that there are you certain punishments for disobeying our Guru ji?

It's funny how people won't go to the Gurudwara just because it would be raining...

but when goning to a party, the say "If we don't go, the people will get mad that we didn't make it,"

My dear brothers and sisters! There are going to be more than enough people at the party. Ask yourselves... How much of a difference will your presence/absence make at the party? What will you do at the party that will in some way help out the people there?

Why not just go to the Gurudwara and do sewa, where you know that you have done something worth while for others? Why go in a place where you're going to see drunk people punching the daylights out of each other and getting hurt? What will you gain out of that?

It's funny how some parents will put their children in Karate at the Gurudwara...

but yet don't even think about putting their children in Gatka, which our beloved Sikh brothers and sisters had used in the battles.

It's funny how some Amrit-Dharis don't respect other Amrit-Dharis and ignore them. (You know who you are.)

Aren't we all brothers and sisters?

It's funny how people talk about others in such ill mannered ways...

when they don't even know their own sins.

It's funny how some people think it's cool to "fit in" into society to be "normal"...

when they should know that nothing is wrong with who they are from inside.

My dear sisters and brothers! "Normal" is a word a lot of people use for other people. Just ask yourselves... What is the deffinition for a "normal preson"?

It's funny how people say that Punjabi culture gets us closer to Guru ji...

hmm....Personaly, I don't think that's true. Think about it! Look at how many things Punjabi culture takes us AWAY from Sikhi.

examlpes: 1. Girls have no say.

2. Culture changes each day, so people would want Sikhi to change too.

3. Girls don't get lori... I don't even know why people celebrate it...I think there's no reason for it. A boy is born. Big whoop!

4. Girls don't get to go to the Kabadi tournaments, but we can watch them on TV... I don't see anything wrong with going there and watching it. Do you?

5. People strictly believe in the caste system, and then say wrong things about Gurbaani just because of what they believe.

It's funny how people agree to so many things they learn from Gurbaani...

but yet don't act upon any of it.

All of this could be funny for us now..............but when you really think about it; You'll realize that it's so disappointing, and that there's really nothing to laugh about. It's all to frown upon.

It's sad how our leaders (Gurus) and brothers and sisters gave up their lives to keep Sikhi alive...


The people in our society today don't stop to respect that and realize that what the Sikhs had gone through and done, was for us, the people of today. They were/are our sisters and brothers who gave/give up so much... and for who? For us! Us; who can't get up in the morning to recite the name of the Lord. Us; who can't spend even 5% of the day towards doing things that Guru ji wants us to do.

It's sad how people forget the Lords name when not in need...

but when something is needed, they don't stop asking for things.

It's sad how we give nothing to Guru ji; no time, no respect, no devotion, nothing!...

but we ask for so much; cars, houses, ...you get my point......

It's funny how I'm sitting here typing,

when I can be reciting the name of the Lord with no worries at all.

.........Or is that sad???

I have not stated anything to hurt someone or some people in particular. I just stated what I feel is true. And please don't think that I believe that non-Amrit-Dhairs are rude or anything...thats not what I meant. We all have certain ways of life. And I'm aware of the fact that so many are getting ready to become Gursikhs. And I hope you all could just know how much Anand there is becoming a true Gursikh. I know that im not anyone to point fingers at people cuz im paapi myself...but really....think about please!

Jaago Pyaario! Jaago!


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Damanpreet Kaur

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