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bhai manjit singh and bhai rajinder singh Ardas Day


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Today the 11th November 1987 Bhai Sahib Manjit Singh and Bhai Sahib Rajinder Singh brought a pakhandi ‘guru’ darshan dassi to book and pumped their bullets into him.

This person had openly challenged Guru ji and made himself into the reincarnation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj, during the troubled times of the 80’s this cult was in the fore front off supporting the attacks on Sikhs by the Indian gov. He openly used to oppose shaheedi divas and in his cult HQ used to abuse Guru ji innocent families and bibia.

Bhai Sahib Manjit Singh and Bhai Sahib Rajinder Singh 2 Gursikhs of the highest calibre took on the task handed to them by Guru ji and followed this cult for over 6 months watching what he did and then on the 11th Nov 1987 challenged this pervert in his darbar and put out the misery off thousands of innocent families.

These 2 Gursikhs are soo chardi kala they have not changed one bit. They could easily say sorry and come out off prison. They are serving 20 and 30 years each. The Panths jewels who gave their youthfulness for Guru ji may be in prison but they are freer than we are.

Please every one do Parth and Ardas for the Chardi Kala of these Gursikhs and the other jewels of the panth and their families.



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Akaaaaaal ...... I know singhs that still visit them in jail, they shot that Dodgy Darshan dassi in southall, they became his sevaks for a while then gun shot in public. Anyone got any videos/pictures of this ?

Sad shame though the singhs that went to see them like jhamka says, "they have not changed one bit." its true because they haven't been back in public and seen how things have changed.

All in all they done what they done... Akaaaal

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