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The Harmony of Life

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The Harmony of Life

God's life is one of harmony, peace and joy. If you look at the vast expanses of nature, or at the blanket of stars twinkling at night, you may be able to glimpse the true spiritual nature of physical reality as it manifests on the Earth.

Within God's divine harmony, the infinite creativity and diversity of all of nature and consciousness is vast. This is the container, the support that God gives all beings on the Earth.

The current limitations of human consciousness, which for many eons required a consciousness of temporary separation from God, are now falling away as more of God's Light is able to manifest on the Earth.

Most people are accustomed to the consciousness of separation from God, and so when a new awakening happens this can bring fear, uncertainty, and even a desire to cling to the old ways. This is understandable, and we bring good news that the Light of God is not to be feared, but is to be embraced and welcomed. The Light of God is available now for all to feel and experience and know.

The habit of separated consciousness is persistent, and creates the unawareness of the harmony of God's life. When it is not possible to perceive God's harmony, there is greater stress in the body, the mind and the heart.

God's harmony creates a feeling of support, warmth and safety. The feeling comes not from an intellectual knowing, but from an intuitive, felt sense of peace and calm.

At this time on the Earth there are several ways you can bring a greater experience of God's harmony of life into your awareness. One is through a regular practice of prayer or meditation, which opens a space within your consciousness and your daily life, so that you can experience God's harmony.

At first, during a regular practice you may experience the opposite of harmony. You may experience the mind attempting to distract, control, or obstruct the process of prayer. You may experience an upsurge of emotions that were previously not known. Simply accept these experiences, holding fast to your goal of experiencing God's Light and love and peace and harmony. This will come in time, through regular, persistent practice.

Another way you can experience God's harmony of life is through the experience of being in the glory of God's creation, in places of nature that are relatively untouched by human development. Open expanses of nature provide so much healing and support to the body, mind and spirit. Do this regularly, and you will feel your body respond to this influx of grounding and support.

With all love and blessings, and wishes for peace, harmony and comfort in your daily experience. Amen.

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