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~Photos from Gurdwara Medhyana Sahib~


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Woah, some amazing pictures there...

I just visited Medhyana Sahib around two weeks ago and it was moving to say the least... The work done there is exceptional espically when you see how every little detail is planned for way in advance (they had some newer models which were only 50% completed)...

My Punjabi is horrid, and this visit was another time in which it came back to haunt me, because I really would've loved to speak to the architect who was present during my visit.... I just gave a two handed sign of Sat Shri Akal as I walked by...

Anyway, there are the most amazing SAROOPS of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj inside, and I cant describe how beautiful they are... I forgot my digital camera but purchased some photos from a local store, i'll be sure to scan those which weren't shown in this superb post...

Thanks for sharing...

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