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The Force Within You

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The Force Within You

By Paul Bauer

There is a special Force within all of us - within You, my friend. A Force so powerful that many who abuse it lose control of their lives and fall to the darkside. The dark side full of ego, fear, anger and hatred and greed.

But you have a quality, a special quality within you that can create miracles and masterpieces. This Force Within You is so powerful that you can re-direct the course of history when you decide that you want to contribute to the evolution of humanity and this beautiful but fragile planet. Study the great sages and saints who have walked this earth before us and you will notice a common theme that runs through all of them: reverence for Life and Nature.

This magnificent Force within all of us has been used to free slaves, save thousands of lives, enable children to realize their inner potential, and to help people like You to realize thief lifelong Dreams. If you choose to use this Force wisely, you will alter your destiny and the people around you in your world.

What is The Force?

The Force is the God power (or Creator) that runs through all things. It is the Life Force that makes the rivers run, the flowers bloom, the stars twinkle and the Heart beat its rhythm of life. When you stop to consider all the things that go on without our conscious awareness or intervention, you'll have a sense of just how powerful this Force really is. You can also learn how to channel this Force to your benefit.

How can I use the Force?

Great question. Like any skill or discipline, learning the art of The Force takes great patience and time to master. Think about any great teacher or mentor that you've had and you'll notice that almost all are over 50 years old. The reason for this is that it takes time and practice to "see through" the normal veils that society teaches people. It can take years to learn the art of quieting your mind - the first and most vital step in mastering the Force.

The good news is if you have the courage to turn off the noise, the media, and the opinions of other people, the time it takes you to more fully tap this force within you will dramatically decrease. If, on the other hand, if you choose to choose to depend on others for your spiritual or emotional sustenance, it could take you a lifetime to learn the simplicity that runs through all life.

As you learn to quiet your mind, you will begin to notice things that you've never noticed before. Life will begin to take on a new meaning, a new depth and joy.

Why is quieting my mind so important?

Because what you focus on determines what you create - your reality. So, if your mind is a whirlwind of anxiety and unrest, you will create a world of anxiety and unrest. But take the time to slow down, and you'll begin to notice how your anxieties lessen, your breathing becomes slower, your mind and body calmer, and you begin to feel centered again. With a quiet mind, you will form the foundation for building the life of your Dreams. When your mind is overactive, you literally send out waves of doubt, fear and uncertainty that can undermine your health, well-being, and prosperity.

But, when you take the time to slow down, you'll begin to create more with less effort, and in time even less effort than you ever thought imaginable - no matter what the intention - assuming it aligns with your higher self and your truest desires.

Source: http://www.dreamsalive.com/wisdom15.htm

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