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"Sant Baba" Daljit Singh caught

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He was the guy who was claiming a certain other rapist "sant" was innocent not too long back.



Sunday 20th November, 2005

Panthic Weekly News Bureau

'Baba' Daljit Singh (File Photo)

EXCLUSIVE Chicago (KP) - On the night of November 17 at 11:20 p.m a member of the Chicago Sikh Sangat received a phone call informing him that the van of self-styled 'Sant Baba' Daljeet Singh was at a local motel while the Sant was ‘enjoying’ himself in the company of a woman.

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It is not the same thing. What we are forgetting is the standard sant supporter rhetoric "Brahmgyan sada nirlep...Bhramgyani aap Nirankar"

These actions of this or any other Baba need to assessed during both positive and negative times against these astpadis from Sukhmani Sahib and not only when the pro-Sant supporters are singing his praises.

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Baba Chicago to file defamation case

Denies charge of being with a woman

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, November 21

Baba Daljit Singh Chicago is contemplating to file defamation cases against all those tabloids and newspapers, which had published news that he was caught from a motel in the USA with a woman.

Talking to TNS from the USA yesterday, Baba Chicago said there were some ‘forces’ which were out to defame him due to his popularity in India and foreign countries, especially after the distribution of relief among victims of earthquake-hit areas.

However, Mr Yadvinder Singh, President, American Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (AGPC), who is here these days, alleged that he had got “first-hand information” from the USA that Baba Chicago was found in the company of a woman in a motel. He said Mr Kulwant Singh Hundal, an executive member of the committee had sent him (Mr Yadvinder Singh) a report from America that the matter had acquired a serious proportion. However, Baba Chicago alleged that Mr Hundal had animosity against him and therefore he had started ‘concocting’ stories against him. He described the pictures, published in a tabloid as ‘doctored’ and added that he would get them verified through laboratories.

However, Mr Prithipal Singh Sandhu, personal assistant to the Jathedar, Akal Takht, and Baba Sukha claimed that the it was nothing more than concocted story as Baba Chicago was busy at a religious function arranged at Gurdwara Gurjot Parkash these days.

A US-based tabloid, Panthic Weekly, reportedly carried a page one news today, alleging that: “On the night of November 17 at 11.20 p.m., a member of the Chicago Sikh Sangat received a phone call that the van of Sant Baba Daljit Singh was at a local motel and he was in the company of a woman. Upon receiving this information, members of the sangat reached the motel location. After a long wait, the police finally managed to get the door opened and members of the sangat saw with their very own eyes Sant Daljit Singh with a woman”.

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how disgusting

a lot of ppl go around calling themselves sants

there r thousands of them out there

unfortunately tru sants are rare

a tru sant is humble and doesn't call themselves a sant

such is their humility

they don't allow anybody to bow down to them and when ppl try 2 they tell them to go and do matha tek to sri guru granth sahib ji who is their guru

they stand up against injustice

sound like anyone we know?

shaheed sant sipahi jarnail singh bhinderwale

out of the thousands of sants in punjab how many of them stood up against the tyrant government of the so-called "world's largest democracy"

u can't b a tru sant without being a sipahi and vice versa

luckily there are still some tru sants alive 2day but they are unable to see themselves as such because they are so humble and see themselves as the dust of everyone's feet

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Why did he hide in the golden temple ?

This is what someone mentioned to me recently, if he was a real soorma, why didn't he take the bullet for his nation and say leave my people alone?

Sorry not my questions, just someone posed them to me and I had no answers.

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Just passing again,

Niranjna, although I agree that someone of such proclaimed status to have, if true, fallen like this is saddening, I disagree that a Gursikh or gurmukh (and many willingly call each such things) are anything less. For example in Raag Vadhans Guru ji states that 'the gursikhs are good Sants' (p588) and likewise that Paratma resides in the Gurmukh (Siri Rag). In much the same way there is a distinction between true sadhus/sants and fakes, likewise there is the same said of those gursikhs who have attained spiritual greatness (thus compared to those who haven't).

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Veer TSingh,

I share you sentiments concerning Gursikhs and Gurmukhs and all who choose to flaunt such titles around about themselves, however I feel you are perhaps reading too far into my statements.

I have no issues with Sants per se, or even the use of the word Sant, in addition to the reference provided above there are others where Guru Sahib refers to his Sikhs as Sants. This is all very well, however what we are discussing here is the social reality that currently prevails in the Diaspora surrounding Sants – namely that the individual is raised and set upon a high pedestal using accompanied by certain variations in Maryada, notably on the issue of matha-tekna and undivided loyalty, at times, be it right or wrong, stretched to considerable lengths.

I am not here to bad mouth Sants, as someone who knows me personally, this much I would hope you understand, however as you rightly allude there are unfortunately fake Sants and Sadhus, however unlike their Gurmukh/Gursikh counterparts, one rarely sees the same level of personality cult behaviour and fidelity. The issue ultimately, and my point above concerns, the chelas who blindly join the bandwagon of the latest Sant and then repeatedly in defence of their belief in their Sant quote lines upon lines from Sukhmani Sahib, yet are the first to suggest that oh, they are only human, they can mistakes just like you and me when their Sant is caught up in some misdemeanours – quite a sharp u-turn from “brahmgyani aap parmeasur†et al.

In short, with the legacy of individuals like Baba Nand Singh Maharaj, Sant Baba Attar Singh Mastuanavale, Sant Gurbachan Singh Bindrawale and others in their league, it is a shame that various chelas of dubious Sants today have not only further fuelled the anti-Sant feelings amongst sectors of the community, which in turn has led to further hard line splits within the Panth, but also insult the legacy and richness of teachings provided by those like the three Mahapursh mentioned above.

Sukhmani Sahib is not a political tool that individuals and their chelas can keep abusing for their political progress time and again. Likewise, this fuss over the use of the term Sant is needless as has been shown many times, and to discard all Sants would be to a little like ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’.

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