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What are 25 parkirti's?


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I heard many times in katha- creation is made of 25 parkrithi's. But what exactly they are?? Details of what they exactly they are not discussed Can anyone help this regard? shed light on this topic. Please..

Thankju very much :D

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("creatrix"): nature, which is multilevel and, according to Patanjali's yoga-darshana, consists of an eternal dimension (called pradhana or "foundation"), levels of subtle existence (called sukshma-parvan), and the physical or coarse realm (called sthula-parvan); all of nature is deemed unconscious (acit), and therefore it is viewed as being in opposition to the transcendental Self or Spirit (purusha)


Primordial nature; the material principle of the world which, in association with Purusha, creates the universe. Prakriti is one of the two ultimate realities of Sankhya philosophy.


("creatrix") Nature, which is insentient, consists of an external, transcendental ground (called pradhAna or alinga) and various levels of subtle (sUkshma) and gross (sthUla) manifestation. The lowest level is the visible material realm with its myriad objects. Nature is composed of three types of qualities or forces (guna). (See also Atman, purusha.) There is more about prakriti in Heart of Yoga, Chapter 10.


Constitution includes the inherited physical and mental characteristics of an individual. These characteristics are assessed through the physician's knowledge of the tridosa and the triguna. Recall that prakriti represents the proportion of the three doshas and three gunas which is the original proportion for a given individual. It is that very proportion which manifests in the physical and psychological features of the person.


primal nature, natural state, constitution


Prakrti or Prakriti (from Sanskrit language) is, according to samkhya philosophy the basic matter of which the universe consists. It is composed of the three gunas: tamas, rajas and sattva.


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Ok NEO i tried to find an easy way of explaining this and found i decent book.

How to know they real self by Sant Waryam Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Walae. Page 222

"The tangible puppet of the body, is a mixture of 5 elements. This is made of ether, air, earth, fire and water. This is called the five element body. The five organs of perception found in the body, have an admixture of five prakirtis.

Eyes have 1/2 of fire and 1/8 of the rest of the four elements (ie ether, air, earth and water).

Similarly the ears have 1/2 of the ether and an 1/8 of the rest of the four elements (air, earth, water and fire).

The tongue has 1/2 water and 1/8 of the rest of the four elements (earth, ether, fire and ether)

The skin has 1/2 of air and 1/8 of the rest of the four elements (earth, ether, fire and water)

The nose has 1/2 earth and 1/8 of the rest of the four elements (fire, air, water and ether)

In this way these organs of perception came into being with the help of the 25 prakirtis (or material constitutes)."

Hope that helps

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