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Scholars and Saints


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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !!

Scholars and Saints

A collection of pictures of the saints and scholars of the Panth - many times these Huge personalities are forgotten or their contribution not recognised - an example of this is the way portraits of the Guru Sahibs ,Shaheeds and political figures can be found in all Gurdwaras and museums - very few have portraits of the Artists and Scholars of the Panth . We should all make an effort to read about and tell others about our great heritage. Please Please add your own pictures - turn this thread into a celebration of our rich heritage ! .

Bhai Gurdas Ji


Bhai Nand Lal Ji (Goya)


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Sardar Bahadur Ram Singh MVO (died 1916) eminent Architect - Father of Sikh Architecture - studied under Lockwood Kipling (father of Rudyard) - became Principal of Mayo School of Industrial Arts Lahore - awarded title of Sardar Bahadur in 1909 and the MVO (member of Victorian Order) in 1911. He prepared the designs for a number of outstanding Buildings the most notable being Khalsa College Amritsar , the Durbar Room - Osbourne House Isle of Wight (Queen Victoria's private palace), Punjabi University Lahore, and Aitchison Chiefs College Lahore.


At Osbourne House


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