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Sikhawareness IRC


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how about joining an IRC channel for Sikhawareness?

for those that dont know IRC is basically real time chat hosted on specific channels, in this case the channel is #sikhaism and is hosted on a server called dalnet.

server : dalnet (irc.dal.net)

channel : #sikhism

How to use IRC:

First of all, to access the IRC server, you'll need a client. Just like you can access a website with Internet Explorer or Netscape or Mozilla or another web browser, you can access an IRC server with any IRC client. You have many options, so it's mostly a matter of finding a client that suits your taste.

If you use the Mozilla browser (an excellent alternative to IE, especially if you dislike Microsoft, like open source software, or are interested in cool features like tabbed browsing), you probably have ChatZilla already installed. There should be a little link to it on the left of the status bar at the bottom of the window.

For Windows users:

Trillian is a chat client that can connect to IRC as well as AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo, all at the same time with the same program. If you use other IM networks, this is an ideal client because it makes it all very simple.

mIRC is by far the most popular IRC client for Windows users. It's got all the features you'll need.

For Mac users:

Ircle is a common Mac IRC client and is suggested by the folks at mIRC for Mac users.

Mice iRC is an IRC client for OSX, and seems to be better liked than Ircle.

Want to try out IRC without installing anything? There are many web-based IRC clients that you can use right in your browser, such as this one. Ultimately, these type will be slower and often more prone to bugs/crashing, but they're good when you're away from your usual computer or can't install a program.

Setting up your client:

Most clients will ask you for the following information:

Nickname: Choose your own, but remember that using the same username as in the boards will help others to recognize you.

Channel: #sikhawareness (Don't leave out the #. All channels -- the chat "rooms" -- start with #.)

Real Name: Doesn't have to be your legal name. Use whatever you want.

Server name: irc.dal.net

Port: 6667 or 7000

If you are unsure about settings, leave them at their defaults. If you have trouble, contact me or ask someone in the boards. We'll do our best to make sure you're able to participate.

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Ive alreayd got this going if anyone wants to join

...if the regular mods here want to made ops pm me with your nick. Otherwise i am online pretty much 24 hours a day so I can monitor to channel or at least help.

If you dunno how to use irc check out these links




and for the ops:


use mirc or trillian, or chatzilla etc etc

imo trillian is the simplest to use - these are all free downlads - google them.

Chatzilla only works with mozilla and firefox

Hope to see y'all there

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