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Budhdal linage on Amritworld.com

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Das wants to request brother Amritpal Singh Ji Amrit to kindly elaborate these tow things as givne in the link below.


That as er Bhangu when it is writtan that five Jathas were made and one Jatha was from family linage of Guru is name of Bawa Binod Singh there?

And was S.Binod Singh as per Gyani Gyan Singh of Tarona Dal was same as Bawa Binod Singh?

do we have any writings over there which elaborate the same.

Das is agreeing to this that Budhadal was made by Nawab Kapur Singh only but Das thinks that there were two people from Guru family whi were sent with Banda Singh Ji named Binod Singh and Baj Singh perhaps and they were termed as with same name in Bhangu's book and Das wants to confirm if it was refered in Suraj Prakash also.

Das knows about Darbara Singh ji as they were head of Panth between Banda Singh Ji and Nawab Kapur Singh Ji.

Das is more interested to know that did BAWA BINOD Singh JI also lived as long life as perhas another Singh of misl mentioned in book 'Sikh Raaj Kiven Banya;' by S. Sohan Singh Seetal.Whose name was erhas Karam Singh or Kishan Singh of Karro Singhia misl(das is not sure about misl or name).

Das just wants to know that did Nawab Kapur Singh comanded vetran of Guru's time.If it is true then it means that historically Panth gives more livrae to young and able and present Akalis must leave some rooms for young one. :D

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I have quoted original line by Ratan Singh Bhangu, where 'Baaban Badd Ansi' term is used. On other pages Ratan Singh bhangu calls him Banauj singh. Other writers, like Giani gian singh calls him Binod Singh. So, Banauj Singh and Binod Singh is same person.

Kesar singh Chibbar does not mention that Binod singh and Kahan Singh came to Punjab along with Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Ji. In both Gur bilas, and Sri Gur Sobha, we do not hear any Sakhi where Binod singh or Kahan singh are involved. Mahama Prakash says that they were sent by Guru Ji with Baba Banda singh Ji. I believe that they were not sent by Guru Ji. They joined Baba Banda Singh Ji only when he was preparing to attack the city of Sirhind. Had they been sent by Guru Ji, Kesar singh would have mentioned this. He tells that Bhai Baaj singh Ji etc came along with Baba Banda singh Ji. He does not say if Binod singh or Kahan singh accompanied him.

Nawab Kapur singh was still a humble sevadar, not a leader, when he was given the title of Nawab. It was the first time, when he was choosen as a leader. Kesar Singh has appreciated Nawab Kapur singh. Nawab Kapur Singh is, thus, the founder of Budhha Dal, not Bhai Budhha Ji.

Bawa is used with their names as a 'gotra' or something like that. :wink: .

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