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Discussion on panj tat, panj sukhsham tat, parkrithiya ad


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I found this from gyani thakur singh ji japji sahib audio tape..extremely interesting.

Gyani ji says: The reason why normal people cannot see other world or subtle things is because these are made of 4 elements ( sky, wind, water, fire). The 5th element which is earth(visible) is not present in them-

1. Sky is not solid element, normal person may see sky however person cannot destroy sky even if one wants wishes to destory. For example- throw stones, fire rockets at the sky, nothing happens to the sky.

2. Wind is not solid element, one can feel wind but cannot see wind.

3. Water is not solid element. It's made of two types of gases, once water vapourises one cannot even see water.

4. Fire is not solid element either, one can easily use some protection and put their hand in and out in the fire.

There are many invisible things which are made of 2, 3, 4 elements(tats) once an matter is made of all five elements, normal person can see it.

When we are in the body because we have full 5 physical elements, 25 parkriti's (sub elements) that's why our body can be seen. Once we leave our physical body, our real self goes with only subtle body which is made out of 17 elements - five pranas, five gyan indrai(senses), five karam indra(senses),

Man(Mind) and Buddh(Intellect).

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Panj shuksham tat(5 subtle elements)- shaabd, saparash, ras, roop, gandh.

Can tsingh veer ji, amrit pal , pheena or anyone else can explain the sangat about these panj shuksham tat in visthaar(breifly)???

Thank ju very very much :D

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