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my dog


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waheguru ji ka khalsa .. waheguru ji ka khalsa

due to gurus blesssing, my family have found a great gift ... she is a small puppy doggy who is now our pet. there is a small problem, she does not know how to bark... and there is also another problem .. she has long sort of hair and it falls over her eyes. is it ok to cut that hair short.. so it doesnt cover her eyes? is this against sikhi..

phul chook maaf

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Many dogs do need to get their hair cut, take her to the vet and ask alot of questions such as how to bathe her, clean inside of her ears, what food is recommended, how to cut her nails. I prefer the vet cut the nails since dogs have nerve endings close to the tips and it is very painful if you accidently clip the nerve ending.

In my opinion having a dog is such a blessing and one must do all they can to take care of their furry freinds.

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