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Will india ever have the courage to speak the truth?

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

It is often said that the truth will always reveal itself eventually. The crime of 'bluestar' and the bloody regime that followed is becoming increasingly recognised as the most bloody, shameful and misreported period in india's short but tragic history.

The statement's below would not be so surprising coming from a historian, anthropologist, human right's campaigner or from a US senator or British MP. What is surprising is not the content, that is well known to anyone who has studied that period but the fact they come from a retired Vice Chief of Staff from the indian army!!

It is fair to say that as time moves on more truthful indian voices will be heard on the subject because it is no longer considered politically sensitive. It may not appear to be to the indian establishment but it is still a burning issue to the Sikhs, from a historical perspective 'bluestar' did set in process a movement that is yet to reach it's ultimate destination. In the big scheme of things 19 years is not a long time and the Sikhs as a people are known to have long memories, although looking around recently, this cannot be said of all.

Indian voices that express the guilt of their nation are not a bad thing but neither are they something that we should be thankful for. It is one thing to say you were wrong and it's another to say your sorry and bear in mind the vast majority of indians still believe the rubbish that was pumped out by the state controlled media and rabid anti-Sikh press of the time.

Gur Fateh

Sukhbir Singh

(please also take a look at www.carnage84.com contains witness statement's and official documentation, also The CCDP Report, the product of six years of field research under dangerous conditions, can be found at: http://www.punjabjustice.org/. It is a must read for anyone who cares about human rights Punjab. It is the most comprehensive accounting of human rights violations against Sikhs in Punjab thus far. Fateh to the field workers who gathered the familiy testimonies and to the authors who synethesized the field research.)


While fighting against the army during June 5 - 7 1984, Sikhs

inside the Golden Temple Complex at Amritsar were :

"exercising their legitimate right of self-defence."

This is the unequivocal statement made by Lieutenant

General S.K. Sinha (Retd.), former Vice Chief of the Army Staff and presently Governor of Assam.

"The Army action was not the last resort as Prime Minister

Indira Gandhi would have us believe, decided upon toward May-end (1984). It has been

in her mind for more than 18 months".

Said the General, highly respected and regarded for this

sagacity and professional skills, that

"when he was GOC-in-C of Western Command, he

got a call around 10 p.m. fro 'some in Delhi' that a decision has been taken

at the highest level that the army should undertake the arrest of Sant

Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale. Nothing was heard after the General told the caller

in matters like this he would like to hear from either the Chief of Army

Staff or the Defense Minister."

This was towards 1981-end when Darbara Singh was Chief minister

or nearly

30 months before the Army actually struck at Amritsar.

"Again, when Sant Bhindrawale went into Mehta Chowk," adds

General Sinha,

"there was a request to the Army to supply Armoured Personal Carries


to the police to facilitate his arrest"

This was long before the Akalis launched their morcha in August

1982 Shortly after the morcha, the Army began rehearsals of a commando raid near Chakrata cantonment in the maintains over the Doon Valley where a replica of the Golden Temple complex had been built.

Another operation involving the Aviation Research Centre with

Special F.F commandos, was given in the Sarsawa area and Yamuna river bed in helicopters converted into gunships. This plan, earmarked for implementation in August 1983 and then in April 1984, was given up as it had been leaked.

"In view of these military preparations, if Sant Bhindrawale and

his men decided to defend the Golden Temple with all their might and means, no

one can, and should, blame them."

"You are duty-bound to do your all when you know someone is

going to raid your house. In this case, the house of the holiest Sikh shrine in the


"Mrs. Gandhi contends that arms were being collected by Sant

Bhindrawale for the last on year. But this was much after she herself had drawn up

plans for Army action against the Golden Temple and other gurdwaras."

Fortification of the complex, according to SGPC Secretary Bhan

Singh, started from February 17, 1984. And that also after CRPF and BSF units had resorted to unprovoked firing and had begun converting the buildings on the periphery of the temple into bunkers and fortresses. This action by Sikhs was a response to the provocation provided by Government's para military forces.

Again, toward May-end 1984, CRPF and BSF units deliberately

fired thousands of bullets every day on the temple areas for more than a week in order to find out from the return firing, as was officially admitted later, where the terrorist fortifications were located and what kind of equipment they had. This was given a deliberate design to escalate the conflict.

No Sikh worth his salt could allow easy entry into the Golden

Temple area to any armed force. It is his sacred duty to smash the enemy's teeth and sacrifice his life while fighting.

This is what Sant Bhindrawale and his men did. In the best

tradition of Sikh warriors, they fought to the last bullet and their last breath.

Sant Bhindranwale's previous commissions and omissions stand washed by his making the supreme sacrifice of life for a noble cause. The state of india shall live to rue the day of June 5, 1984.

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Here beleive it or not people.

As mentioned in the japji sahib there is nothing one man can do. SanT Bhindranwale ji was eye-opener for the kaum and shaheed. He opened it and now its up to us where to follow his wording or not...

He said as a true guroo da sikh--

Rely more on gurbani abhyas(bhagti). When you are in naam then you feel your body is like a chola and you become fearless.. thats the only way to fight with this oppressors. There is no other way. Thats the way our singhs/singhanis did this in past. Other than that, there is nothing we can do but to face facts.

We are the minority and these people are majority (Power)

We claim to be fearless inside there is a fear, attachment. We cant even stop fighting within gurudwaras. People are gettin more mayadharis than shastardharis. People are gettin more attached with the family that they cant even leave to get vidiya for a month or so in india.

People feed too much bull to other people regarding who is doing what... focusin more on cults, gettin burned inside. We fight over llittle issues ie-keski, meat, chairs-tables,sgpc, akj, nihangs,takshals. Our whole life pass through slandering other people and finding temporary solutions like "Khalistan" another poltical movement which we cant accomplish ever rather to getting those people justice and infltrate punjab with "True Sants" who can bring those times again when sant ji used to drive in a vagon pind by pind to get people to take amrit and make em fearless. We need infltrate punjab the reality they are goin through under evil hands of rss.

We need Singhs/singhani who rely on gurbani than anything else... Who follows guru granth sahib as the kasham not some bloody other old poltican who would clean the shoes of oppressing indian govt with his dharri..

One more thing jarnail singh bhindranwale sant ji said that really touched me was

"Ehna Topiii Waleie Tuuu Ki Darna, Dar ta bas ek gal da haie, jo apni nau-jwaban singh/singhani sikhi tuoioo duor ja reha han"

It clearly shows from the eyes of sant jarnail singh ji alll he ever wanted is to get more and more youths joinin sikhi to meditate on vaheugroo's naam and who can become true singhs.

To make whole this bloody scenerio to make it short we need that time back when sant ji was doin prachar to youths talkin about maharaj guru gobind singh ji and sahibjaadas...

Here is the list---

- We need youths in punjab to embrace sikhi and spread the words

- We need a spirtual leader than an poltical one

- Then make a zone of singhs takin care of the people who were responsible for unjustice to us... List goes way too long. KPS GILL First Man.

- We need gurbani vichar how to meditate to get peace of mind and to become fearless.

-We need unite all the small issues to together and take care of the big issues (Big issue is not the khalistan but to bring sikhi alive and kicking in punjab), eliminate rss from punjab state.

- Get that 3HO white blokes in the punjab univ teaching sikhi in english. To influence more youths into it.

after all this will get accomplish by NAAM nothing else. Not by talkin to somebody or thinkin of master plans.

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This is all we need and everyone listen to us. And respect of Sikhs and sikhism will come back to the same position where it was before 84.

We need youths in punjab to embrace sikhi and spread the words

- We need a spirtual leader than an poltical one

- We need gurbani vichar how to meditate to get peace of mind and to become fearless.

-We need unite all the small issues to together and take care of the big issues (Big issue is not the khalistan but to bring sikhi alive and kicking in punjab), eliminate rss from punjab state.

- Get that 3HO white sikhs in the punjab university teaching sikhi in english. To influence more youths into it.

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