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Is Sikhism a faith of hope and optimism?

K Kaur

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Is Sikhism a faith of hope and optimism?

Author: unknown

Yes, the Gurus prescribed the sovereign remedy of the Name for the ills of mortals. While some religions condemn men as miserable sinners destined to damnation and the unending fire of hell, Sikhism believes that there is hope even for the worst man. Koda the cannibal and Sajjan the thug, were reclaimed to good life by Guru Nanak with the gift of Naam.

All is never lost. If man realises his mistakes and shifts the centre of him life from the lower self to the higher self, he can still attain the highest goal. But this change comes through the Guru’s word (Bani) and God’s Grace. In moments of crisis, even the most pious and virtuous of men may succumb to temptation. Undoubtedly, evil and sorrow test the mettle of man, but his true support though all his trails is faith in God and prayers for His Grace.

Sikhism is a practical religion. It shows mankind how to live a worthy and useful life in the world. It teaches him how to face and overcome evil. With selfless service, devotion to duty, Guru and God, man can work his way to self-realization. He trust in God, fells that he is with him, and that He will guide him to his goal. When a Sikh has to face trails and tortures and everything seems lost, he prays for Divine guidance from his scripture, Guru Granth Sahi, and bears all difficulties with faith and fortitude. GURBANI affords him true solace and enables him to accept the Divine Will (Hukam) patiently. He prays in a spirit of dedication and not with expectation of any reward. A true Sikh never despairs even in the most adverse circumstances. He feels that he is in the company of the Guru, which gives him strength and he faces every crisis with courage and unshakable faith in God and the Guru.

Sikhism is suited to the challenges of the modern age. Mr. Bunker, ex-ambassador of USA to India once said: “Cardinal principles of Sikhism are very much akin to my own religion. It is the religion of our time.â€

As pointed out by Dr. Arnold Toynbee, “In the coming religious debate, the Sikh religion and its scripture the Adi Granth, will have something of special value to say to the rest of the world.â€


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