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Prediction of nalikna avatar....


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what do u guys think of the predictions made in sarbloh granth about nalikna avatar?? Would he coming to destroy the evil???

cmon nihangs have all the hidden treasures but they dont want share the info...cmon people spread the knowledge...

please gimme some info on this matter.. i m type of person who just listens with faith!!

thanks in advance...

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Guest Javanmard


could some of the people on this forum please Nikalank avatar properly. Nikalank is dervided from Nishkalank wchich means blemishless or pure. The term and the prediction is also used by some Ismaili and Twelver Shi'as in reference to Imam Mahdi (AS) who will come to fight the forces of evil with his army of pure believers who will not neceserally be all Muslims. It is interesting to see that the army of believers of Imam Mahdi (AS) is qualified as the army of the khullas (sincere). The word khullas in Arabic comes from the same grammatical root as khals from which Khalsa is derived. The sections on the 24 avatars has to be read in context knowing that this section uses hermeneutic or coded language.

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Guest Javanmard


cmon NIhangs share your knowldge

Esoteric knowledge is not to be communicated to the masses. It is like throwing pearls to the swines. Sarabloh Guru Granth has been kept secret for centuries and it is surely not now and surely not on a website that its knowledge is going to be revealed. If you want to learn make the journey outside and inside of yourself. The forces kept in Sarabloh Granth are not meant for everyone. We are not talking about teenage secret stories here. If you want the leant then first learn Sanskrit, Braj and all the other types of knowledge I mentioned above with a pure heart then only you will be fit to study it.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

It's not a novel idea, but maybe we should first spend the time to comprehend OUR Guru, the only body of text that was personally declared to be our Guru for time eternal by the only human-being (Sikh or otherwise) that had the authority to do so, Dasam Patsha Guru Gobind Singh Jee.

Sarbloh Granth and Dasam Granth contain Guru Di Bani who could possibly doubt that?

However there can be no greater authority for the Sikhs in this world than Guruji Sikh Panth Da Wali Guru Gobind Singh Jee and if he has declared that Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is our Guru from here to time eternal than who are we to question it?

You can talk of predictions as much as makes you feel secure, after all it is our doubts, aspirations, fears and guilt that allow us to find predictions so tantalising.

But Akaal Purakh alone determines our and all his creations future, present and past so why then should we look to any mortal man to script or tell us of our future, when he can not even know his own?

Gur Fateh

Sukhbir Singh

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a few reasons for it being written:

1. brough common knowledge to sikhs - alot of bahmans wouldnt allow your average pindhoos to learn anything since sanskrit was monopolised. stuff like 24 incarnations helped to educate sikhs on less known subjects.

2. bir raas - incited warrior spirit in sikhs before fighting - that 1s important

3. poetry - i remember guruji saying it was unneccesary to put some of his bani in SGGS as it was not as "serious" and was more experimentation with poetry.......correct me if im wrong

4. does involve some worship of god

at the beginning guruji explains that god does not literally incarnate, then goes on to explain hte mythological incarnations of vishnu....alot of them have morals behind them, or the war stories incite bir raas. i havent read it in detail yet (im still on chandi di var)

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The Karni Namah and the Raj Namah are two significant chapters of the Sau Sakhi, the Sikh book of prophecy. The Raj Namah appears in, The History Of The Sikhs, by J D Cunningham on p. 340. Cunningham came across this document during the mid 19th century. He states that these ?compositions are of course fabulous as regards Nanak, and appear to be the compositions of the commencement or middle of the last century?.

The Karni Namah was told to Qazi Rukan Din, Pir Bahaoud Din, Ghous, Kuthab, Saalaar, Hajji, Sheikh and Mushaikh Aulviya, who sat with Guru Nanak at religious discussions. The Raj Namah was told to Kaarun, the Emperor of Rome, on Guru Nanak?s return from medina.

These prophecies were in the Old Janam Sakhi?s written by Bhai Bala, who accompanied Guru Nanak on his travels. However, the British removed them.

?Raaj Karega Khalsa Aaki Rahai Na Koe.

Khuaar Hoe Sab Milengai Bachai Sharan Jo Hoe?.

This is said by the Sikhs in their daily Ardas. As it can be seen, the Karni Nama is the only source of these words.

Karni Nama

While Guru Nanak was in Mecca and Medina, Qazi Rukan Din asked, ?True King, tell us your prophecy again. Tell us how you will unfold the future?.

Your name is Nanak Nirankari and you are from the Nation of the Lord. What are the instructions for the future?

Nanak replied Rukan Din, ?listen to the true answer?

Whosoever reads or listens to this shall be content. All doubts shall be removed.

In the tenth dress shall reside The Lord.

I shall fight many battles against Emperor Aurangzeb.

I shall then send a letter of victory (Zafarnamah) to Aurangzeb with my Singh (Bhai Daya Singh).

Upon seeing him, Power shall lessen and he shall forget his devious ways.

Emperor Aurangzeb will be overwhelmed by the sight of Daya Singh and will start to tremble.

?The Khalsa been resurrected! Good has not been done by Gobind Singh!?

I shall vanish (from sight) having given a kingdom; My name being Gobind

There will be a time when the Khalsa shall forget the teachings I have given them. Sikhi will only be left in name. Many Wars shall occur.

I will have to return again to resurrect the Khalsa. They shall reside in the Punjab.

I shall make people from all four corners into one.

They will be in Majjha; They will raid Lahore.

They will bring Potohaar to justice; They will take Peshawar.

They will set up a cantonment at Attock and then open the Khyber Pass.

They will establish a kingdom in Kabul and then take Ghazni.

After bringing Hazaara to justice they will march on to Kandahar.

After taking Balack and Buckaara, they will conquer Sindh and Baloch.

After gaining victory over these lands they shall govern all the people.

Mecca, Medina and Rome shall tremble.

They shall gain victory in battle over south and west India.

The Guru?s Army shall sit at the throne of Delhi.

Umbrellas of kingship shall sway over their heads. All shall be content.

From East to West all shall be conquered. None shall challenge the Khalsa. All humanity shall become one.

In the kingdom of the True King, Satjug shall be established.

The Khalsa Panth shall rule. The arrows of death shall not touch them.

The Army of the Timeless shall grow and spread like locusts.

All shall wear vestments of blue; no one else shall be seen.

Listen Qazi Rukan Din, ?The Singhs shall rule?.

The Unholy Sheikhs shall be destroyed. Pirs and Mureeds shall be no more.

All shall recite the one name of the Lord. Then he shall come himself.

The untrue shall not be able to see his glory.

All humanity shall unite and he will distribute provinces.

The Earth shall give food and the mountains shall give diamonds.

Fruits of many kinds there shall be, upon the sight of the timeless.

All shall recite VAHEGURU and achieve salvation.

Many Dharamsalas (places of discussion) shall exist. The Koran and the Mosques shall vanish.

The Lord shall manifest himself in body (as man).

He will make all utter VAHEGURU. All Singhs shall flock under his banner.

All shall know him as the True One. He will sit at the throne of Delhi.

He will establish a kingdom of peace and no enemies will remain.

Wherever the Khalsa turns his eye, the 14 realms shall tremble.

For 14,000 years, this kingdom shall remain.

Wealth will be collected and food shall be distributed.

The naked and the starving shall all receive; no one will go without.

Sayeth Nanak, ?Rukan Din, This is how it shall be?.

Whosoever reads the Karni Namah, his love with The Lord shall grow.

The Word of the Timeless shall prevail. Those uttering falsehood shall not remain.

After the effect of The Akaal, forests, mountains and the world shall see salvation.

The Khalsa shall Rule. There will be no-one left to oppose them.

All who are lost shall gain the safety of the Khalsa

Raj Nama

Spoken by the First Master

First, Nanak went to Mecca;

Medina he afterwards visited.

The lord of Mecca and Medina,

Kaarun, he made his disciple.

When Nanak was about to depart,

Kaarun, the fortunate, thus spoke:

Now thou art about to go,

But when wilt thou return?

Then the Guru thus answered:

When I put on my tenth dress

I shall be called Gobind Singh;

Then shall all Singhs wear their hair;

They shall accept the ?Pahal? of the two-edged Sword

Then shall the Khalsa be established;

Then shall men exclaim ?Vaheguru?

The four races shall become one and the same;

The five weapons shall be worn by all.

In Kalyug they shall array themselves in vestments of blue;

The name of the Khalsa shall be everywhere.

In the time of Aurangzeb

The wondrous Khalsa shall arise.

Then shall battles be waged,

Endless war shall ensue,

And fighting shall follow year after year.

They shall place the name of Gobind Singh in their hearts.

When many heads shall be rendered up,

The Empire of the Khalsa shall prevail.

First, they shall conquer Punjab;

Then other countries shall be theirs;

Hindustan and the North shall be possessed by them;

Then the west shall bow to them.

When they enter Khorasan,

Kabul and Kandahar shall lie low.

When Iran has been laid prostrate,

Arabia shall be conquered and they shall march on to Mecca.

Mecca shall be beheld,

And Medina shall be seized.

Mighty shall be the rejoicing,

And all shall exclaim ?Vaheguru?.

Unbelievers shall everywhere be destroyed;

The holy Khalsa shall be exalted.

Beasts and Birds shall tremble in the presence of the Lord.

Men and Women shall everywhere call on God.

The Earth, the Oceans and the Heavens shall call on God.

By calling on the Guru shall men be blessed.

Every faith shall become of the Khalsa;

No other religion will remain.

?Vaheguru? shall everywhere be repeated,

And pain and trouble shall depart.

In the Kalyug shall the Kingdom be established,

Which Nanak received from the Lord.

Worthless, I fall before God;

Nanak, the slave, cannot comprehend the ways of the Lord.

Thus replied Nanak to Kaarun?s question.


The coming of Nanak was prophesised thousands of years before his arrival. These prophecies are explicitly detailed in the Vedas and the Puranas, which are amongst the oldest scriptures on Earth.

Whilst at Mecca and Medina, Guru Nanak unfolded futuristic events in the Karni Nama and the Raj Nama. He clearly states that he will have to return to ressurect the Khalsa.

Prophets of the world have all established their religions. Each religion was a requirement of its age, which the prophet was sent to fulfil. The way of the Khalsa is the requirement in the age of Kaljug. It is the tool necessary to defeat Kaljug and establish the kingdom of Satjug.

Presently, the Khalsa appears to be in a state of dormancy. What is required for the Great Guru to show himself? What conditions are required, i.e., how much more of a decline of humanity is required?

Is this decline necessary? What can we do, as Khalsa, to stop this decline from occurring?

What we are currently doing is OBVIOUSLY not working!!!

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I dont like the concept of Nihkalank Avtar...

We already have JJASGGSJM  ( jugo jugo atal sri guru granth sahib ji maharaj)...what  purpose will the Nihkalank Avtar serve ? I dont think there is no need for him

Also, did the Nihkalank avtar happen in past yugas or are we talking about a future one ? Regardless, I wont be alive to see him or maybe already in Sachkhand when it happens lol

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On ‎5‎/‎03‎/‎2016 at 1:42 PM, Ragmaala said:

Also, did the Nihkalank avtar happen in past yugas or are we talking about a future one ?

that's wat I have been wondering. Was there kalki avtar in the last kaljug?

On ‎5‎/‎03‎/‎2016 at 1:42 PM, Ragmaala said:

Regardless, I wont be alive to see him or maybe already in Sachkhand when it happens lol


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