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im filled with lust and cant control it!

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go to this link it might help . its about he mechanism of mind and how to control it .u r not alone , everyone has problem s like these .

we all r in this battlefield

" soora so pehchaniye jo lade deen ke het purja purja kat mare kabhoon na shaade khet "

don't think of cutting ur kesh . it will only make u more weak and more vulnerable


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u know wat ppl, i went 2 uni 2day, its a sunny day n all the girls were out!

i think im so weak that i cant control this aspect of my life.

its come to a point were im thinkin that i should cut of my kesh, cos if i cant even be a 1/2 decent sikh then wats the point?

Have you tried the methods that have been posted in this thread? The yoga, the observing the mind, the Sincere Prayers and others that have been posted or were they just nice to read?

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thats sum good points there

with regard to point 1, im still at uni so gettin marrried mite not happen for quite a while!

point 2: i dont know any saints at all!

point 4: well the internet is a big problem, theres porn all over the place and to easy to access. I may need to cncel my internet in order to stop this because the urge comes now n again to watch sum porn!

the above are the only REAL problems i got

haha thats quite hilarious actually..am at uni an alll and i gotta admit its not easy to curb ones lust...esp when you got girls after you!!! haha singh ur a joka about watching porn on the net..i admire ur honesty! Most individuals wouldnt be that honest...and reguarding marriage from the above post... I dont agree...sexual lust would increase in marriage!



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nice video akaali!


u know wat ppl im gonna start doing yoga and training again (as soon as my exams finish)

im sure this issue of lust will calm down soon. As soon as i graduate, find a job, and ultimately grow up it should be all good!

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But isnt this a problem for people of all ages? like as soon as puberty starts boys and girls are just desperate; and their lust increases MAJORILY? Like in general, what are young Sikhs that face this problem supposed to do? I mean were all human we all have the same problems and whatever; but like when you do happen to think of such lust filled thoughts; doing Paat; and saying Waheguru; does help a little but overall it doesnt make them thoughts dissappear. Like would having such thoughts etc stop after a certain amount of time? like will we young people grow out of them?

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Guest Javanmard

Most of my Shi'a friends got married at 19-22 and you can see the difference. They're more mature and don't have this problem with kâm. It needs to be added that they all study at uni as well as their wives and that both families help them.

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Listening to Gyani Sant Singh's Katha "Baba Vaid Rogian Da" He states that as a person gets older his sexual urges do not decrease, but the means to fulfil these desires i.e. the body is not capable to do so. We as men have to live with them or convert the kaam shaktee into more productive shaktee, if you want to, if you really want to.

I don't think women have the sexual urges men do. Women want to possess men. Men can reach orgasm easily, but for women it is much more difficult. I read somewhere that most women have not even experienced an orgasm. I am not a women but I believe physical attractiveness is not as important for women as it is for men. Women are more concerned about status, social circle etc. How many women do you see with "ugly" males, it goes to show that women are not as interested in the physical body as men are. In my experience they are more interested in using their feminine wiles to gain power over men, having a man literally go mad for lust for a women, gives her an immense ego boost.

Another point taken from this discussion could be how sensually oriented this western society is. We see seductive images of women in adverts, in magazines, everywhere you look. The way women dress also accentuates their bodies, they are made to comply to the ideal female image of seducteress, which is portrayed by the media. A women is also a mother, this is her natural most inherent instinct, yet women are implored to explore their sexuality, be sexy mothers etc.

If women knew what men were thinking about them they would be afraid to show anything but their eyes.

-sam fryman

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wow another excellent post bane ji,

Most of what you said is true, in treh charitar(404 viles of women and men) it also mentions different charitar of women. I mean there are defaniately exceptional cases but for most of them, this applies:

they are more interested in using their feminine wiles to gain power over men, having a man literally go mad for lust for a women, gives her an immense ego boost.

We are honored to have you here on this forum veer ji, please keep posting great knowledge :D

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Is it so that we are not arose sexualy say when we see a Hindu lady in saffron say in saintly clad,or Say Muslim lady in niqab or say Sikh lady in Keski? Just asking veiws?

No not really. For many people the opposite may be true.

Imho, over many years of evolution, muslim women seem to have mastered the art of wearing their religous garments in a sexy way - just look at the way some of them use it to accentuate their femine curves.

Agree with Javanmard that marriage at an early age could generally speaking help solve many problems in a culture which see's b/f g/f as taboo. I think it is ridiculus that people should have to wait till they're 35 to get married especially if they believe that a physical relationship is only permissible within marriage. 40year olds who havent had sex! ? completely un-natural . . . no wonder it causes problems.

As for sexual thoughts disappearing as we get old,

. . . hmmmm, I would like to think so (fighting denial), but I'm afraid deep down I know its not true esp. with men. The thoughts are there for sure, eventhough the body becomes weak and cannot act on the thoughts. I hate to think what goes on in my 93 year old baba's mind :LOL:

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