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Why do sikh gyals dont want to marry a singh ?

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Why do sikh gyals dont want to marry a singh ?

Not am looking but may be a problem in a few years, my bestmate also a singh is having so many problems looking for a wife seems like no kuria thesedays what to marry a singh ! And the ones that do are from india and they only want to come over to the UK. Is physical attration so important ?

Would really like to hear the views of kuria?

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lol then try the search function Bruv.. its funny your second post should be a hola at the ladies coz you feelin you got no lovin..

You want some advice, Go sweden and watch the swedish women go crazy, for some reason they have a thing for bearded men !

Whenever I feel lonely I just log into www.swedishchat.com (not even sure if thats a real site, just yanking ya)

Check the search bruv these issues have been mentioned many a time

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There are exceptions to this generalisation- some of these sant babay and maharishi gurus are BIG TIME stud muffins - even at the age of 80 :shock: - nothing gets in their way not even the long flowing beard!

They don`t even have designer armani clothes or semi-cardboard, mega starched designer tubans - they don't even superglue their dhari to the contours of their face with fixo ?!

Pure kamai - thats what it is - . . . or maybe it's the fact that they claim celibacy- is that the big turn on? - I mean that`s taking playing hard to get to another level . . . or perhaps its the brand new gangsta 4x4 they all have . . . ? 8)

Singh, I think the baba jee's have the answer to your worries son.

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as a fact

99% of the asian girls in UK are narrow minded.. yeh i havent seen and spoke 2 majority of these girls.. so i will go by my judgement.. i have met enough asian girls 2 know they are narrow minded!

take my example

i am slightly overweight, i got curly hair

girls dont want that

they only want:

a guy with spikey hair

slim dude

its sad but true the world revolves around looks.. i know nobody will like me..

but ur sitiation is different.. the girls who have singhs in their families dont mind a singh... be careful who you choose and if it dont work out here

there is always INDIAAAAA

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now if it was the 80's or early nineties.. i would not have a problem in finding any girl however these days something has happened... asian girls are becoming more modern than goria...

and trust me goria do not fuss over a guy.. just these asian girls do!

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lads....dont wanna blow my our trumpet...

but us lads in blue have never had the problem.. :twisted:

be the hunter, hunt the girl....woe her of her feet...be nice and genuwine to her...

and watch...regardless of her being indian, green, purple or black....she'll definatly wanna be with u....

Dynamic Banda and Beast....please do share ur thoughts 8)

but yo singh...dont fret...maybe the one brow could be holding u bac...but all u gotta do is lower the laar and pull some sexy manly bhangra moves...hahaha....

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sikhism is a way of life - it has nothing to do with where you're from

these girls may be from 'sikh' families, but they are not sikhs

man trust me all these asian girls have gone mad...

all they want is some good looking guy

nearly every asian girl ive met has turned me down,

they cant take it if one asian guy is different they expect every asian guy 2 be the same.. u know the criteria to impress a asian girl u must:

1. posess earings...

2. have spikey hair

3. be built or skinny

4. talk in slang 24.7

5. all of the above

either that or im in the wrong town...

god knows man

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Bring Back the 80's i say, dont mind busting out some flares and shaking my thing to Blue monday :D

80s man!... i heard those were the days that girls were afriad to go to clubs lol one footstep from their dad and i bet their whole house shook lol

trust me... if it was the eightees asiano mamasitas would be chasing after you! how can they not? as a matter of fact both asiano guys and girls were scared types then.. the guys would get all scared if a girl started talking 2 them i know this because asiano ppl from that generation told me etc...

so dont worry..;P

theres always india

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Everyone has to get married-face the facts!

But I don't understand why people are asking questions such as whether it may be ok to marry a Gori.

Will you go church with her?

Will she come Gurdwara Sahib you?

Get real veers.

If you say women have become modern does that mean you are backward?

If Nihungs who don't wear the so called modern dress can find a girl then that is surely not the problem.

The problem is with you, sort yourself out.

I am talking about your personality here.

The other thing, look at yourself inside and out and then aim for your type and not a Kate Winslet look alike!

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its said that tons of english girls ran away with nihung singhs in the 1800s

why only the fat ladies??? :LOL:

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If Nihungs who don't wear the so called modern dress can find a girl then that is surely not the problem.

The problem is with you, sort yourself out.

with nihangs, it's all different story all together.. nihang can get anything they like.. :LOL: :lol: :LOL:

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