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inspiration reading!!must read dis & post insp stories h

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E (inner energy) = Mc2

(Mind) (Consciously Conscious)

Guru Granth Shib and the powers of the Shabd(The word) within SGGS

We must consciously direct the consciousness of the mind. We release the energy we need to excel and balance ourselves with an inner technology that can alter the frequency of the mind and the state of the brain.

All the oscillations of the mind cease with the practice of the Shabd and it gets pacified of itself (Sarang M: 3, Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 1233) Praise the God, O saints and friends! With steady, complete concentration, wilh one-pointedness of the mind.(Siri Guru Granth Sahib Page 295)

Guru Nanak - the first Guru of the Sikhs, immersed into the Shabd Guru, saw the pain of people everywhere.He experienced the vast flood of information from the entire cosmic consciousness. And he perfectly laid down patterns of the Shabd Guru that commanded the brain and mind with rhythm, sound, concentration and breath.

The patterns of the Shabd Guru combine atoms of information in the smallest sound units to release the inner energy of awareness needed to guide the brain and mind through this wave of change. Just as combining atoms has opened the way to use the greatest energy in matter, the quantums of sound are the atoms that open the way to the greatest inner energy of consciousness and command the chemistry of the brain. Those Shabd patterns are a legacy to be used and shared with all as an antidote to the maladies of the InfoDementia Syndromes.

The Shabd Guru technology is not just for the Sikhs but for everyone, for in every human is the Light of the same Creator.

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Saachaa Naun = WaheGuru

ruthun pudhaaruthh maanukaa sueinaa rupaa khaak ||

Jewels, treasures, pearls, gold and silver-all these are just dust. (Guru Arjan Dev Ji)


saachee poo(n)jee such su(n)jumo aat(h) pehur gun gaao ||

The True Capital, and the True Way of Life, comes by chanting His Glories, twenty-four hours a day. (Guru Arjan Dev Ji )


naanuk dhur ghur eaek hai avur n dhoojee jaae ||10||11||

O Nanak, there is only the one door to His Home; there is no other place at all. ||10||11|| (Guru Nanak Dev Ji)


read at da end of posting

why did you stop???

As long as you breath; forever repeat his name.

Or we shall only die whilst seeming to be alive.

forever remember WaheGuru.....and WaheGuru shall ever be yours

!! WaheGuru.Ji.Ka.Khalsa::WaheGuru.Ji.Ke.Fateh !!

Now repeat...



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When I was at College...(intresting)

When I was at college, I was just one of the guys, I drank, Smoked, did

drugs, and played with the girls, and I used to love it! Trying to get

the best looking girls and thinking I was the man….. I would shave my head every Sunday with a razor! And kept my goatee trim for Monday. I would also show off my tattoos to the girls and thought I was tupac’s brother!!

One day, when I was bunking off my lessons as usual at college, one of my mates had kept his kes and wore a dastaar (pugh). I went up to him,

and said “bruv, what are you doing? You aint gonna get the girls like that.

Why have you kept your hair and beard?†you see I never had a clue about Sikhi.

He said to me “Do you know your Guru?†I just looked at him with a

blank face! He then asked me “do you know your 10 Guru’s in orderâ€

You know what I said? I said shamefully “I know the first one! Whats

his name again?â€

My friend then said to me “Just find out about your Gurus and you will seeâ€

That thought had kept going through my head, I didn’t know why, but it

kept ringing in my ears, “Find out about your Guru’s and you will see!†so I thought why not, I know more about Islam and Christianity than my own


I went home and picked up a book about the 10 Guru’s, I couldn’t stop from reading it, I felt so at peace with Guru jees teachings I felt like

crying with joy.

What I found in Guru jees teaching I couldn’t find nowhere else, no

other religion, Guru jee was pulling me closer, closer.

Guru jee had taught his Sikhs to meditate on Gods name “Vaheguruâ€, so I

thought “why not†and try it.

I went to a Simran (meditation) program, where people of my age,

engaged in reciting Vaheguru’s name, and I felt so at peace, I joined in and was touched with love, I could feel Guru jees pyaar. No other buzz I had felt was good as this, no alcohol, no drugs no nothing! Nothing had beaten this buzz on Vahegurus name.

After that I just wanted to get closer to Guru jee, Guru Granth Sahib

jee. I took that step, and it was the best thing I had ever done, I wanted

to know more and more. I was soo in love, I read the inspiring stories of

the singhs and singhnees, I read about the equality between man and woman in Sikhi, Believe! its just beautiful!

We just need to take that step towards Guru jee, my step was my friend

who kept his kes, and reading simple stories of the Gurus. I took that one step, and Guru jee took a thousand steps towards me, with open arms, feel the love of Guru jee.

All I say to my brothers and sisters, just take One step towards your

Guru, whether it be a book, or a simran CD, or just reciting Vaheguru with pure love, and you will see! You will see Guru jee taking a thousand steps towards you!! Just take 10mins of your busy schedule to learn about


You are the future.

You are the future Sikhs, we have to know about our roots, if we stop

learning and caring about Sikhi then where will be in 20 years time?

Guru jee loves you, he is our father, and lets show our father

appreciation, do seva, do simran, help your brothers and sisters, join in the Sikh society at college or uni, help at the gurdwara.

If I have made any mistakes, please forgive me, my humble apologies.

Vaheguru jee kaa Khalsa

Vaheguru jee kee fateh

source: mail frm friend.

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naAMnutz n dragonballZ

Ok daas n dasndas were chillin n sittin by the TV watchin dey favorite toonz Dragon ballZ... but dasndas being a girl n all waz gettin kinda bored. Thing waz there waz tunez runnin n her mind... somethin she'd heard early in de mornin last time she n daas went for a sleepover at dey favorite culprit koolpreetz house. J

She cudn't get dis persistant naggin little waheguru waheguru waheguruooo sound outa her head no matter how many episodez ov Dragon ballZ dey watched...

"Com on daas, she called to her brother, letz do sumpthin else plzzzzz. comon letz go outside", n she ran to put on her brand new blue 'haiku' shoez- dey looked just like de ones da kartoon kidz wore, wit big wide sturdy heelz for hikin, n kickin it.


"Hold on sis, i'm comin, waz up?" he asked her grabbin hiz chupplez "n what are doze you R wearin on you feet, icy blue, satin, padded, zig zag design, slip on, runnin shoez?"

"Dey R ma ‘haiku’ shoez daas i got dem at da mall."

"Uh sis WOT iz a ‘haiku’ shoe?"

"Well deyz hikin shoez dat slip on, n dey look like Gohans shoez on TV, n he’z japaneze, n so is ‘haiku poetry’, which is 3 linez of 5-7-5 syllables each, and ‘tanka’ is 2 more linez of 7 silly-ballz,J dat you kin throw like dragon ballz at you enemiez hee hee… like dis daas,… n it don even hafta rhyme…"

(5) Evil monsterz ALL

(7) i have you in my power

(5) EAT my dragon ballZ

She finished up her ‘haiku’ lines wit ‘tanka’...

(7) You wanted to be SO big

(7) Conquered bet you feel real small

"UM sis i think U were right, you ha been watchin WAY 2 much TV or somethin..."

"Well daas herez da real problem. Ever since sleepin over at koolpreetz house i got dis waheguroo buzzin going on n ma head, n it won't go away. So making up ‘haikuz’ distractz me a little, but den itz right back to waheguru waheguru," she complained shakin her head between her handz frownin.

"But dat'z a good thing sis"

"How is buzzin wahegurooz a good thing daas?"

"Well cuz wahegurooo it’s like de most AWESOME power of all!"

"Even more den when you get all 7 dragon ballz n you kin make a wish, even bring someone back to life –?"

"waheguru is WAY more powerful den dat, when fighting de 5 enemiez ov da sensez da monsterz lust(kaam) anger(krodh) greed(lobh) attachment(moh) pride(ankhar) dat R alwayz threatenin to take over someonez kool …, it slayz dem and turnz em into you servantz n makes you da Master."

"Master a wot daas?"

"Master ov you self, Master ov you ego homai, Master ov all you desirez."

"You mean like even when you want pizza n pepsi n candy you can’t resist even when you know it better for you to eat vegetables like subzi roti cuz you den won get zitz?"

"Sure sis. J "

"But daas what makes waheguru SO powerful?"

"Cuz you get it from panj pyare, de 5 beloved onez, when dey baptize you n give you AMrit to drink, da immortalizing nectar ov eternal life dat releasez you from de clutchez of dem jyamin dudez da ‘jyam dutes’ da sinister administerz ov death."

"Dey sound pretty scary daas"

"Yah dey iz REAL scary sis, n dat why ya wanna get baptized n give you head n drink AMrit n get up early n da mornin like koolpreet who lovez hiz kool doz, doin da naAM simran, rememberin da name waheguru wahegur waheguru waheguroo,… n do da daily nitname prayerz too, cuz dat way you kin win da battle of da sensez, n not looze you kool…, n whenever after dat, you do naAM sayin waheguru waheguru, its like havin a ‘khanda ov naAM’, a double sided sword that cutz both wayz through all adversariez… n dats why if ya make mistakez, ya gotta go for pesh, n confess up. Cuz mistakez are like dullin your sword… n den when you get given a ‘tanka’, a task to do afterwardz, its jus like sharpenin up your sword again so you kin fight off all da enemiez dat corrupt da mind n weaken someone…

"A ‘tanka’ daas, like in ‘haiku’?"

"Well kinda sis. Cuz it sorta finishes thingz up -K, makez em tight. Ya set stuff straight n makes it all good again."


"Exactly sis, n wotz really important is hangin out wit da sangat, who iz you matez who drank up da AMrit. Cuz den jus like when sleepin over at koolpreetz n heard him doin waheguru waheguru in da mornin, it got you waheguru waheguru goin too. So its makez all of us together like an army of invincible warriorz against all evil doinz. "

"WOW daas how’d you find out about all dis?"

"At da camp I went to last summer sis"

"Maybe I kin go too next time." dasndas considered her many mistakez. Like da monster guyz in her ‘haiku’ defeated by her actionz n reactionz… she felt kinda small too… Made her wonder what kinda ‘tanka’ she'd get when she went to da 5 belovedz panj pyare for pesh on bhaisaki day n gave her head again? …No matter, she'd press her palmz together n bow slightly… sayin thankya for takin her head… Wazn't much good to her, cuz it WAZ buzzin wit waheguru wahegurooo anyhow, n she jus cudn't think a anythin else no matter how hard she tried, waheguroo kept comin back... So she might az well get her khanda ov naAM all sharpened up n go to battle wit her weaknessez n get her kool back n straighten up her sensez...

She looked down at her ‘haiku’ shoez…n smiled…

She cud almost imagine herself zoomin up like a rocket, fightin off de terrorz of da universe, da 5 enemies kaam khrodh lobh moh n ankhar,- fightin n slashin dem wit her of khanda ov naAM

hhhm hhhm hmmm she thought to herself...ha ha ha HAAAA

kaam krodh ankhar moh

lobh Monstrously Evil

i battle you NOW

hee hee

Fallen under de khanda

ov naAM you don look so big

mÚ 4 ]

mu 4 ||

Fourth Mehl:

hir hir nwmu inDwnu hY gurmuiK pwieAw jwie ]

har har naam nidhaan hai gurmukh paaiaa jaae ||

The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is the greatest treasure. The Gurmukhs obtain it.

ijn Duir msqik iliKAw iqn siqguru imilAw Awie ]

jin dhur mastak likhiaa tin satigur miliaa aae ||

The True Guru comes to meet those who have such pre-ordained destiny written upon their foreheads.

qnu mnu sIqlu hoieAw sWiq vsI min Awie ]

tan man seetul hoiaa saa(n)t vasee man aae ||

Their bodies and minds are *cooled* and soothed; peace and tranquility come to dwell in their minds.

nwnk hir hir cauidAw sBu dwldu duKu lih jwie ]2]

naanak har har choudiaa sabh daalad dukh leh jaae ||2||

O Nanak, chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, all poverty and pain is dispelled. ||2||


Waheguru ji

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