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kirtan/rayer needed for motivation and willpower

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i have set some goals for this year which i must accomplish there is no easy way out and it must be done..

i cannot do this alone and i ask for waheguruji to help me.. as what i am facing now is destroying my life completely...

1. i need to lose weight

through depression i ate the wrong food and rarely excercised resulting in mass weight gain.. now i have joined a gym but im having trouble in losing it even if im going everyday... what i want is some prayer or kirtan which will keep me going through all the excercises... i have made a habit of getting up early and heading 2 the gym whenever i can now all i want to do is pray for a while then go to the gym...

2. i need to pass my course

i want good grades for my diploma i am doing.. i am putting in effort but i too need the strength to keep on going so i need kirtan and prayer for this also..

please help me out the journey is long but i want to get to my goals

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nothing is more powerful and nothing will reward you so greatly as ardas.

And that dont mean just stand up and say the words bow down and expect it to happen. Ardas is to truelly plea by setting your mind into asking for your desires and not just saying it with your tongue.

See what you are doing as your dharam, your actions to make your satguru happy, different people bring different gifts to maharajs darbar, some bring milk and sugar, others take flowers. You go to maharajs charan with a promise that by his grace you wish to please him by taking training and study as your dharam, when you put it in his charan firstly it becomes your paath, the action is your prayer as its all for maharaj.

and secondly you got the best personal trainer and teacher to motivate you.

Also remember that Guru is constantly with you, so if you need the support seek him inside yourself, but that first ardas go to his darbar and fall in his charan.

It worked for me (not the losing weight thing simply because I have a pre set deal already with maharaj with regards to my fitness :P) but by his amazing grace and blessings other things have gone great. :D

thats the way IMHO..

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