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Islamic Awareness Site = Anti Sikh Site

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My response to this...modified and pasted from HERE

Based on my life-long experience, I can assure you that nothing can be done to silence or convince these people. Its a waste of time. Our best bet is to teach our youngsters the beauty of Sikhi and to beware of such predators. If we try to answer them in a negative way, we will end up doing ninda of Islam, and that will include the ninda of the good things of Islam as well. We will end up doing ninda of Muhammad Sahib, and that will be offensive to moderate Muslims also who are not fanatics and respect Sikhs. We can only play defensive in this matter, rather than getting offensive.

They can make as many websites as they want, but the truth will always remain intact. We are well aware of the different aspects of Islam and Sikhi, and any human being with a sane mind will know which is more closer to God. We may respond to their articles daily and find flaws, but these guys have some weird debating skills, which includes going off-topic and off-track without letting the other person know, and then making him/her think about something else so that he/she doesn't realize that those fanatics don't have an answer. They do it so discreetly in their communication that you won't even notice it and will continue to debate towards a no-ending situation. I don't say that we shouldn't do anything, but then lets do something ONCE AND FOR ALL and end this menace for good. Can we do that?

The whole world knows the truth. Look all around you, who is responsible for global terrorism? Its a fake and made up story that so-and-so religion is the fastest growing one. Its done to make you feel "Oh no! Others are benefitting and I am lacking behind". All we need to do is take one good look at our history and the sacrifices of our shaheeds. Thats enough to make us realize which is the true religion of God. They can beat drums all day that Mughals were not proper Muslims, but then these people hold Mughals in a high esteem as well. So how and who do you trust? Pakistan promises so much to India about defeating terrorism, yet its their trained terrorists who bomb streets in Delhi and temples in other parts of India like Benares. Can we trust such people? Or anything they say or claim? Can we forget stories of our sisters we've read over and over again on these forums who thought they were in "love" with one of them and ended up in a place worse than hell itself?

Everyone knows these facts, and the reason they make such websites is for people to believe in their fairy tales and disregard the harsh reality around them. They can make 25000 websites daily, but all sane human beings know the truth.

Here are a few questions that can be put to them:

1.) No religion in the world has a rule that if its follower converts to another faith, he/she should be killed. So why do they have such a rule? When a non-Muslim accepts Islam, he/she is called "blessed" and "saved". Why then order the death of a Muslim who chooses another faith? Isn't that hypocrisy? Just like your faith is the ultimate for you, so is others' for them.

2.) Why do they circumsize male babies? If they follow a religion that is defined as "submission" to God, why do they tamper with what God has created/given? Why not submit? Do they believe God is not perfect and made a mistake which they have to correct?

3.) No scripture in this world was written by the founder of that religion except the Sikh scripture. So how do they claim that their book is the only true one?

4.) The revelation of Quran was through an angel Gabriel. Does a prophet need a middleman? Why not communicate to God directly? The Gurus did, so now who is more authentic?

5.) Why do they totally cover their women and not teach the males to control lust? Lack of self-control?

6.) During their holy month when they fast, why are non-Muslims forbidden to eat/drink in public places (this happens in Islamic countries)? Lack of self-control?

7.) Why are terms like "Kafir" used to denote those who practice a faith different to theirs? Can a religion called "true religion" discriminate one human from another?

8.) They don't believe that God is omnipresent. So is their god limited to space? Still they say they are the true ones?

9.) They go on and on about Sargun/Nirgun to brainwash Sikhs. Do they even know how to define Sargun/Nirgun in terms of Gurbani before preaching to Sikhs?

I can't come up with more questions for now, although there are loads more than creep up every now and then. For the time being this dose should do. Shall come up with more in future.

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Guest Javanmard

As I said before, these people don't even practise their religion let alone know the religion of others. Let these pseudo-Muslims deserve their deeper place in hell.

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Ahh convert to whatever you want..

Other then naam nothing else will go from this world, to the next.

Every religion had a begining a founder, wether its origins lie in God, its existance on earth doesnt.. it has a time and a date. a place and a person. That means it being created in duality will be submitted to duality..

Every living thing has its origns in God, yet non of us automatically become liberated, as we are submitted to the games of maya too.. after all we are all here in maya.

No matter what who or how, its only naam which will go with you. everything else is temporal its our duty while we are here our part our role in this natak. We have to play our role else why even be in the natak.

If you cant act dont audition .. we all auditions for the sweet taste of life and its experiences now we all got to act in the role that has been assigned by the great director himself.. George lucas..

I mean akaal purakh..

Naam... just naam..

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vah ji vah, morgi man is back..woooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!

dude you are amazing with your words,,did you know that? you should try way with words with blondes? ..hehe (jokes). :LOL:

ok back to the topic now. :D

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