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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Following is an article on NAAM picked up from Living Treasure forum.









To answer these six questions on the basis of Gurbani, basic

understanding of principle components of Sikhism ie God, Naam and

Maya is required.This will be discussed briefly below:

God is One (Ik) Supreme Being Who has manifested Himself in His

creation (akaar) thru His Shabad (Ooom). The Shabad is the Word He

uttered to create the universe. That Word is called Naam in SGGS.

"Keeta passao eko kwaao."

Thru His Naam God created the universe using five elements, which are

air, water, fire earth and space.

"Panch tutt kar Tudh shrisht sabh saaji."

God first created Himself and then created Naam and from Naam He

created the nature (physical universe) and is sitting inside each of

His creation and is rejoicing.

"Aapine Aaap saajio Aspine rachio Naam Dooey kudrat saajiey kar aasan

ditho chaao.

"Naam ke dhare sagle jant Naam ke dhare khand brahmand

"Naam ke dhare akaash pataal. Naam ke dhare sagal akaar."

Naam, when it is in our body is called Soul. When we hear it

as 'anhad shabad' is called Shabad. When we see it inside, it is

called Jot. It is to this Shabad that mind has to link toduring

meditation. It is this Shabad what Guru Nanak Dev Ji calls 'Shabad


The entire universe is woking or running under His order (Hukam) and

nothing is out of His control. "Hukmen under sabh ko, bahar Hukam

na koey."

His Hukam is also His Naam. "Eka Naam Hukam hai, Nanak Satgur dia

bujhaey jio."

Thus His Naam is His Word, His Powe, His Hukam, His Light(Jot) His

Intelligence, His Wisdom, His Love and everything that God is. Naam

is actually God's extension into His universe running it as per His

Will. Nature is not here forever running by itself but at God's

command. He expands it whenever He feels like and withdraws it to

Himself at His own pleasure. He has done it many a time.

"Tis bhave tan kare bisthar. Tis bhave tan ikankar."

"Kaee bar pasrio passar"

In His creation are countless number of animate and inanimate

(visible and invisible) objects, millions of species (8.4 millions in

SGGS) who are part of nature and are doing whatever He planned for


"Jee jant sabh Tudh upaaey, Jit jit bhana tit tit laaey."

The whole universe is His playground and He is palying His game and

watching it and enjoying it.

"Apna khel aap kar dekhe". "Mere Thakur rachan rachaya."

The entire visible universe we are living in and made out of five

elements is His Maya. Our physical bodies are part of this Maya.

Among the creatures on this planet, human stands supreme and other

species on this planet are subservient to him. " Avar jon teri

panhaari, is dahrti mehn teri sikdaari."

All creatures are born to die under His Hukam and then reincarnate

under His Hukam. "Jamna marna Hukam hai bhaney aave jaaey."

So all beings reincarnate from one form to the next higher form as

per His will. Thus many a live could be spent as a worm, insect,

elephent, fish, deer, bird, snake, yoked as an ox or a horse till you

are ready to meet the Lord, this human body is fashioned for

you. "Kaee janam bhaey keet patanga.

"Kaee janam gaj .meen karanga Kaee janam punkhi sarap hoiyo. Kaee

janam haiver brikh joiyo. Mil Jagdeesh milan ki baria. Chirankaal eh

deh sanjaria."

Another point to observe here is that evolution is not of the body

but mind. When mind is evolved enough in one physical form it will be

given the next higher form for its further development. The ultimate

form is human where the mind is most developed and has the

opportunity to cross over to the higher spiritual side under the

guidance of Satguru who was sent to humanity by God to help it

realise the purpose of life and to achieve the goal of uniting with

the Source, that is God from where the life started. Mind is also

made out of five elements and does all the thinking,deeds and duties

during the life time of the physical body.

"Eh mun karman eh mun dharman eh mun punch tutt te junman".

It has an intoxicating love for the Maya, the world we live in. This

has led the mind astray from reality and the world becomes an end in

itself. Thus Maya makes mind forget God, produce attachment to the

world and leads to duality.

"Eh Maya jit Har visre moh upje bhao dooja laya."

Maya influences the mind in three modes: Rajas, Tamas and Satvic.

Each mode produces different thoughts in the mind.

Rajas mode creates hopes, ambitions, anxieties, worries etc. Tamas

mode creates lust, anger, greed, attachments, ego, duality, hatred,

slandering etc. Satvic mode creates kindness, contentment, sense of

duty, discipline, charity etc. Life under these modes is called life

in 'Bhavjal Sagar' or Ocean of Life. Mind under the influence of

rajas and tamas modes gets polluted and can't think of reality of its

spiritual nature. The only way to cleanse it is by Nectar of Naam.

The pool of nectar of Naam lies inside the human body.

"Bhariey mutt papan ke sang oh dhope Navey ke rang."

"Kayan under amritsar saach."

" Suniey munniey mun keeta bhao, untergutt tirath mul nhao."

The mind has to cleanse itself by bathing in this pool of nectar.

"Mael gaee mun nirmal hoaa Amritsar tirath nahey."

Now only Satguru can help us reach this pool of nectar where mind can

cleanse itself . This is done by meditating on the gurmantra under

the guidance of the Satguru. This can be discussed separately to

avoid length of this missive. Once the mind is pure it is ready to

meet with the Lord but has to await for His Grace. Once mind receives

His Grace, it gets into its own home.

'nij ghar/thir ghar' from where it can go to God's mansion, 'sehj

ghar "Nij ghar bass sehj ghar laeey."

Now I think we could be ready for the answers to the questions.


I am a human, child of God born on this planet earth as per His Will.

Inside my body is my mind and soul housed in another subtle

body. "Sookham moorat Naam Niranjan kayan ka akaar."

I am a Sikh of Satguru Guru Granth Sahib and am trying to understand

life, its mission, and make the best of this opportunity under His

Guidance.My body has nine openings which deal with outside world but

there is an invisible mental door which opens to the higher spiritual

world of God to which I really belong. My mind is personification of

Soul which is part of God inside me.

" Mun toon Jot saroop hain"


This body I have was gifted to me by God thru the union of my father

and mother. "Maat pita sanjog upaaey rakat bind kar pind keeya,"

My mind and soul which were also gifted to me during my first ever

birth on this planet have moved thru millions of other species as

part of creation process of God and finally been awarded this human

form, which is the supreme physical form on this planet.


The purpose of life in the human body is to reunite with God. The way

to achieve this goal is by remembrance of His Naam in the company of

sadh sangat. Nothing else is of any avail to us. One has to prepare

to cross this 'bhavjal'-the ocean of Maya, otherwise the life is

getting wasted being involved in the lure of Maya.

"Bhaee prapat manukh dehuria, Gobind milan ki ehei teri barai. Avar

kaaj tere kite na kaam, Mil sadh sangat bhaj kewal Naam. Saranjam

laag bhavjal taran ke, Janam birtha jaat rang Maya ke."

A simple guidance to lead this life purposefully and successfully is

to live it with positive initiative, earn your living honestly and

enjoy the comforts and boons of human life and at the same time meet

the Lord thru remembrance of His Holy Naam, which will take all your

worries away

" Uddam krendian jio too, kmanvdian sukh bhunch. Dhiandian too Prabhu

mil Nanak utri chint."


Earthly bondage is the bondage of Maya on the mind with thoughts

of 'raj gun' and 'tam gun'.So we have to ferry across the 'bhavjal

sagar' with the help of meditation on gurmantra provided to us by

Satguru. This will take our mind to where there is no air, fire,

water and earth which means no Maya (at this stage, mind stops

thinking and this state is called 'sunn' in SGGS).There lies the true

Naam of the True Lord which will pull the mind out of this ocean of


"Satguru hai bohitha shabad langhavanhaar. Tithai pavan na pavko na

jal na akaar Tithe sacha sach Naey bhavjal taranhaar."

His True Naam cleans up the mind and makes it ready to meet the

Lord .When union is achieved with His Grace; the shackles of Maya are

permanently broken.


It is not God who is indifferent, but our mind who does not think

about Him because it is engrossed in Maya and seeking happiness

there. When the problems come because of of its doings (karams), then

it starts praying to God and when things don' go its way, it starts

complaining and thinks God is indifferent. God still hears the

complaints and prayers but let the mind go thru its own created

problems for its learning. God is sitting inside everybody as Soul

and watching the mind's actions and even providing guidance from time

to time but mind does not pay much attention to it. Then it receives

happiness and grief for its own good and bad karma.

Manda changa aapna ,aapey hi keeta pavana."


Life on this planet is given to us for fixed time .God gives us

counted number of breaths and days and cannot be changed even by a


"Gin ghale sab divas saas Na badhan ghatan til saar."

When life is given to us, the destiny is already written downland

Dharam Rai, the judge on our karmas is also sent with us.

"Nanak jee upaaeike likh naaven Dharanm bahaliya."

Along with Dharam Rai is Chittar Gupt, who checks on our thoughts and

actions in every breath we take, keeps account of it and submit a

report to Dharam Rai. Then there are 'Jumdoots ' whose job is to pull

our subtle body out of our physical body after we take the last

breath and presents it to Dharam Rai who has our report card from

Chittar Gupt. A judgment is pased on our karmas and next life form is

decided for some immediately and some have to wait and suffer in hell

before are given another chance. There are innumerable sufferings in

terrible hells, which are places for the ungrateful people.

"Narak ghor bauh dukh ghane akirtghana ka thaan."

Those who commit sins are definitely robbed, Azrail or Jum seizes

them and tortures them, the creator Lord put them in hell and the

judge asks them to render the account.

"Paap krendar sarpar muthe. Azrail phare phar kuthe. Dojak paaey

sirjan hare , Lekha munge baniaa"

For those who had tried very hard to reach God but could not win. His

grrace though their minds had become clean, they become angels and go

to what we call heaven. The angels don't have to get born but they

are stuck in that place and cant meet the Lord and are praying to God

again to let them have the human body so that they can do

enough 'bhagti' to be lucky enough to be with the Lord .

"Is dehi ko simrai dev,so dehi bhaj Har ki sev."

However Gurmakhs who had been lucky during their life time and with

their 'bhagti' and were able to win the Grace of God, became 'jivan

mukat' are escorted to 'Sehaj Ghar',God's Mansion. Dharam Rai

welcomes them, their accounts already settled (no files). For them

this ardous journey comes to an end and they achieve permanent peace

and bliss in the presence of God. This is what Guru Ji recommends to

his Sikhs: Dont seek 'raaj' or 'mukti'.but the love of God in His


"Raaj na chahon mukat na chahon Mun preet charan kamlan re."

For a manmukh however, the cycle of birth and death continuesand he

suffers great punishment on this long journey.

"Jam jam marey marey phir jamey. Bauht sajaaey paiaa des lammey."

Seeking forgiveness for errors in quoting gurbani and gurmat.

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