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Getting Married in India???


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Just a question for the Sangat out there. Out of the born and raised in western countries, how many of you would consider getting married in India?

My parents and relatives seem to be hell-bent on the homeland marriage. Are there gursikh girls there with keski's that don't just want Immigration?

Can some of you share your experiences or provide some tips on finding such families in India. I figure my parents are on the fast track side now to get me married asap.

I have let them know I want an amritdhari gursikh with keski, but they are having trouble finding one and want me to consider settling for non-keski.

I would appreciate any pointers and advice.

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I live in England and married in India. It happened all so quick. With Guru Jis kirpa and Sant Jis Kirpa me and my wife are sooooooo happy.

Speaking from experience I have neva looked back getting married in India. I was introduced to my wife through family friends and I showed the picture of my wife to Sant Ji and they thought about it for a few mintues and they told me not to say no and that I would be really lucky and also really happy.

Next minute all i knew was I was flying out to India to get engaged to this girl that I had neva met. A year later we were married. Me and my wife are really happy.

My advise is that if ur gonna marry out in India make sure you know someone that knows the family out there.

Jaz Singh

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