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Hidden Heritage of the Punjab : A google earth view of Punja


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Dear Friends

Please do visit Punjab Heritage News today and see the latest story in the Hidden Heritage series. This takes a view of some of Punjab's most important heritage sites, from the air vie Google Earth which has just released high definition pictures of parts of the region. These are accompanied with photos, from the ground.



The Harimandir Sahib complex from the air, please see www.punjabheritage.org for more views from the air.

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Singh47, there is a software evailable on google, it's called google earth, excellent software to find anything in this world get a satellite picture.

I heard there is a software only for feds provided by google which can zoom into all the way the ground without loosing the quality, hell there is software connected to super sonic satellite to see what's going on each household. There is no sense of security one can feel anymore on this world .

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