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Reality of Sikhs Today!!!!!!!!!!

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The following is a reality that every Sikh household needs to recognize. If Sikhs do on follow the way of of Guru, if Sikhs do no teach their children the greatness of Sikhi, if Sikhs are more concerned about aquiring worldy wealth, watching Hindi movies, doing bhangra, diluting Sikhi to fit their "modern" or "western" needs, we will suffer the consequences.

We have families that allow daughters to cut hair but make their sons have turbans, and we dare to ask why our sisters/daughters our marrying out of their religion? The truth of the matter is that these girls who run away with a muslim guy or hindu guy for that matter, never had Sikhi to begin with.

Though Sikhs have increased in quantity, we have almost lost all of our quality. The beauty of being a Sardar or Sardarni is not understood or taught by parents. We should learn from the Muslims and how they never forget to teach their kids about Islam, we should teach our children the beauty and bliss in being a Sikh.

We need to put pride of being a real Sikh (Amritdhari) back in the every Sikh household. "Larki Punjaban" should be a wake up call to all those parents who allow their kids to be "modern" and leave Sikhi, these parents are the ones who are sufferning the reality of "Larki Punjaban."

Parents are happy to see their kids become modern, they are happy to see their kids speak in English, Parents take their kids for hair cuts, parents encourage their kids to go to parties and never encourage going to the Gurdwara, Parents want their kids to be close as possible to the western culture and we are shocked and offended by "Larki Punjaban," why? An average Punjabi Sikh can name 10 Hindi movie actors but can't name the 10 Sikh Gurus.

In the world of today speaking Punjabi is considered "low class," or as not fitting in, to leave a flowing beard in any professional setting is considered odd, people are afraid or ashamed (sadly to say) of being Guru's children.

I don't know what is the answer to all of these problems our nation is facing, I can say that if we ever want to get any where, we need to become Guru's children. We need to give all of ourself to Guru. We need to offer our head without any hesitation.

We need become role models for the those who have none, and most importantly we need to do Ardas. We need to beg our Guru for his support, we need to beg for Sikhi from Him. We need to beg for help. Ardas is ultimately all we have. So I request from all of you, my sisters and brothers, everytime you bow your head in front of Guru, ask only for the gift of Sikhi, ask for a nation in which Sikhi and Sikhs can live freely.


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personally learning panjabi is the key to keeping Sikhi in a household- it makes u understand ur culture, and most importantly helps u read Gurbani! i was lucky enough to be blessed with a family full of punjabi speaking people and close relaties who teach punjabi at GCSE level! i got my punjabi GSCE when i was 13!

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punjabis well important.....bt having sed that my punjabi aint great at all.....

most important thing is teaching kids from a young age....that is when their mind is developing the most...if their role models are barbie dolls and gorees (lol) then you know what path they will take when they are older, if the first stories/nursery rhymes they learn are those of the gurus then they have a strong foundation to increase in their sikhi.

oh yeah and sangats very important.

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Sangat is extremely important....

however it is only useful if the children are taught to sit and do simrin and kirtan.....

I know a family where the adults are all into sangat and the kids come, but they just play around and watch tv....the children are out of control (one even got caught cheating on his provincial final exams....)...

Sangat is good a thing, as long as the focus is bringing ur children into sikhi...otherwise if u lose out on them....the future isn't tooo great

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