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Gurdev Jee said that he has given all of the information for the websites, well atleast for Shastar Vidiya and Nihang as well as Sanjamkiriya etc. But it is now a matter of Nihang Teja Singh to update the sites.

First priority is being given to the Book which is soon to be released.

All I can say is that you will definitley know when this book is released.

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At the moment, it is being scheduled for next March/April.

It will have several hundred pictures, including some never before seen in the community, the book should be around 500 pages.

This is the most costly Sikh scholarly book ever to be printed to date.

So Ustadjis making sure there are no mistakes or misquotes included. But I am sure the haters will try to find them

If you do purchase a copy, read it with an open mind, you will definitely gain a greater historical understanding.

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hey guys something totally off topic but i wanted to ask the sangat what would you guys say to those who calim that if you are not a particular religion or faith you will burn in hell

you can send youre answer on the back of a self addressed envelope to...hahah only messing

but seriuolsy could you guys please put ypure input in thanks

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