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Sadh Sangat

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Fateh bolao:

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Today I went to the Gurudwara and the granthi which had come from amritsar gave a very very long speech on Sadh sangat. I had myself read and heard a lot on how important Sadh sangat is. I mean it is the most important feature because by it people's mind can change and they can come on the path on sikhi. Kabeer himself describes that just as a water from an odinary river becoems good if it mixes with a good river and in the sameway if water from an odinary river mixes with dirty water , then it becomes dirty.

So the people around whom we associate, our friends and where we go and what we listen to .. has a deadly affect on the mind.

The granthi also told that how a nastik attained brahmgyan just by living for 10 days in the sadhsangat of Guru nanak and how bhai lehna got transformed when he started coming to the sangat of Guru Nanak.

also a person who stays in good sadh sangat is not touched by vikaras, kaam, karodh...etc where as a person who has no sadh sangat can be easily hunted down by any of these 5 evils.

Now , my question is that I dont have sadh sangat. Currently I am on vocation in kuwait and i goto gurudwara weekly, I am leaving to India day after tommorrow. I have no sadh sangat and no good spiritual friends :(

I am a regular student at a school in usa. As everyone of you are aware of how sangat is in schools (very bad) and you ahve to live with them in the hostel and all those things !

I know the great effect it can hve on my mind.. if I stay all my life in gurudwara or even more in the company of sants and mahapurshs.

for the time being my sangat is only on this internet. so far I have found sikhawareness to be a pretty good internet group for discussion, becoz this is the only group that i see discuss about gurbani, gurmat discussions and places the question of meeting God. Also, i am planning to spend sometime reading the posts on bab maan singh ji and other posters who post articles. for the time being this might be sangat.

but plz any advice.. . how can a person get good sadh sangat, stay in good company and not get his mind affected even if he has to stay in a bad environment(worldly environment).

ps: i was thinking if we could add ll ourselves on msn or some chatting network where we can all chat and this might create soem sangat effect.

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Please, go through the following thread and read it. Let me know if you get the anwser? If not, then we will discuss more.


As far as, it goes for having chat network, I think that will not inspire because it doesn't give you much time to think or time to read. So there are less possibilities to get inspired. But then that's my own opinion. I prefer forum discussion more than chat rooms.

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Sadh-sangat would be sangat of sadhu's/sants/mahapursh

what do you guys think?? some peope just its sangat of gursikhs but i dont think its right.

Not every gursikh is a saint but Every saint is a gursikh within in our relegion

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The literal meaning of sadh-sangat is sadhu-sangat. Which is true. But I thought that a bunch of devotees , naam abhiyaasis living togther on thep ath of God with also consititute sangat? what u guys think? ofcourse wehen u goto the gurudwara u get to listen good spiritual things in kirtan but then after that it is all worldly discussion.

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I won't go in details now but I would like to share one of singh's response to the same question.

Saying saints/sants are "sadh sangat" is 100% wrong as sadh sangat should not be bounded by particular names.

"The sikh philosphy does not dictate what you eat or drink, its a matter of personal choice".

SGGS teachs not to consume anything which affects thinking process directly. Alcohol is one of these items.

"Incidently the word SADH in Guru Granth Sahib refers to WAHEGURU and it does not mean holy man/saint".

Definition of Sadh, Bramghiani is in individual Asthpadhies of Sukhmani Sahib.

There is another Asthpadhi which describes other(seven of them in each pauri) saintly people.

"Perhaps this is most misinterpretted word in our teaching and so is SADH SANGAT, which really means IN THE COMPANY OF GOD and not gathering of people"

Above is not complete statement.

Gathering of people who are praising or remembering GOD is Sangat.

Sangat, janian jitha ako Nam bakhania.. GGS

Further on

wich sangat prub vasa jeo

GOD resides in Sangat.

Sangat prub kee aut piari.

GOD loves sangat the most.

So people gathered to remember GOD is Sadh Sangat.

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Sangat, janian jitha ako Nam bakhania.. GGS

Further on

wich sangat prub vasa jeo

GOD resides in Sangat.

Sangat prub kee aut piari.

GOD loves sangat the most.

So people gathered to remember GOD is Sadh Sangat.

nogroup singh, I fully agree on this. So we can say that any such gathering is sadh sangat. We are also internet sadh sangat because we are talking about God here.

In anycase... will an internet thing such as ours constitute a sangat? is it correct?

I would also think that the most common form sadh-sangat is the Gurudwra gathering where ppl sit and sing kirtan. This is the most common.

but not many ppl like me can get to be in such a sangat, especially when u live in foreign countries.. going to the gurudwara everyday is very hard and ppl dont come there everday., Ofcourse weekly you can, but still an unblessed person like me has not been able to make full advantage of sadh-sangat.

I do know that sadh-sangat is the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE it can not be ignored, because it is due to sadh-sangat that the person's thinking changes and he develops more spiritually faster and better and his doubts get cleared. Several stories in Guru ji's time explain the powerful effect of Guruji's sadhsangat.

for example how Bhai Lehna got affected in the Sangat of Guru Nanak and how even a nastik became a beleier in 10 days in Guru Nanak's sangat.

so where do we get a sangat. What are your opinions on renunciation and living in sadh-sangat all your life and at the sametime doing some little kirat? instead of living a worldly life?

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what if you ahve no choice but ti live in such a sangat, like for example living in everday college life and hostel where you have to interact with such people. what do you do then?>


im adding this article written by Pritpal singh Bindra ji. Read it and let me know if it clears your doubt ?

Epics of Bhai Gurdas

English Adaptation by Pritpal Singh Bindra

Epic Five - Wreath of Knowledge


The one, who is Gurmukh, leans on the Holy Congregation, and associates not with the bad company.

Gurmukh's path is soothing and he does not get entangled in twelve impersonations (of Yogis).

Whether he is from (high) caste or low-caste, Gurmukh retains the same hue (like resultant of the variant ingredients wrapped in a beetle-leaf).

Gurmukhs have the (Godly) vision, and they are not implicated in the six-philosophies (of Hindu Mythology).

Gurmukh's wisdom is infinite and it is not allured by duality.

They earn the benefit of the Shabd and do not hesitate to bow down on the feet (of the Guru).

And Gurmukh remains contended with devotion.(1)


Gurmukh worships the One Only with full consciousness, and the duality effects him not.

Gurmukh evades vanity and, erasing ego from his heart, achieves emancipation.

Accepting Guru's edification as his guide, Gurmukh wins over his body-fort along with five vices dwelling in there.

Going down on the feet of (Guru) he remains humble and considers himself just a guest in this temporal world.

Gurmukh serves the Sikhs of the Guru and, revers his father, mother, brothers and friends as the Guru's Sikhs.

Abandoning the base attitude and the duality, he regains awareness of the Shabd through Guru's Teaching.

And he eradicates himself of the false hesitations and corrupt understanding.(2)


Remaining in their ranks, all the four castes (Brahmins, Khatris, Sood and Shudras) adopt the beliefs of their lineage.

Acting upon the teachings of the Six Creators of Six Shastras, they abide by Six Actions (Meditation, Singing Hymns, Ablution, Service to the guests, Deity's adoration and Sacrificial oblation).

They present themselves before their (respective) Masters their slaves, serve them.

Adopting themselves in the vocations, the traders get absorbed in their occupations.

Joining together in their fields, the farmers sow the seeds.

The artisans meet other artisans in the factories.

And, (similarly), the Sikhs converge at Holy Congregation.(3)


The drug-addicts confront the drug-addicts, and the devotees meet the devotees.

The gamblers run into the gamblers, and the bad-characters greet the bad-characters.

The thieves admire the thieves, and swindlers unite with swindlers.

The jesters enjoy the company of jesters, and the back-biters relish the assembly of back-biters.

Non-swimmers are happy with non-swimmers but the swimmers join other swimmers to swim.

The afflicted ones share their distresses with other aggrieved ones.

But in the Holy Assembly, the Sikhs flourish.(4)


Some are called Pundit and Astrologers, and some are known as Brahmin Priests and Physicians.

Some are the Rajas and Noble-men, and some scribes and some village head-men.

Some are cloth merchants and goldsmiths, and some assayers and some jewellers.

Some are druggists and retailers, and some as brokers make their living.

From high to low castes, thousands cater and get their names reckoned.

A Sikh of the Guru meets the Holy Assembly and gets himself regarded,

Because by absorption in the Word (there), he gets the writ of Godly attribute.(5)


Celibates, longevity-ones, austerity-performers, mendicants and the pupils of Guru Nath (Yogi),

Goddesses and gods, sages, Bhairo-god, ghosts and spirits come and meet.

Men of celestial music, fairies, mermaids, and demigods perform many tricks.

Monsters, Danav-giants, they all are distressed by duality.

They all are obsessed with ego except the Gurmukhs who relish in the company of Holy Assembly,

Because with unique mind they meditate and, with Guru's teachings, destroy their conceit,

And are always ready, just as (a bride at) pre-nuptial ceremony, to depart (for the heavenly abode).(6)


Celibacy, virtuosity, continence, sacrificial ceremony, meditation, penance, benevolence and charity are in abundance.

Miracles, excessive hypocrisies, magics and charms are rendered in profusion.

The worship of faculties, over-powering of female-ascetics at crematoriums and cemeteries are wondrously acted.

Some hold, stop and steadily release their breath while rendering (yogic exercises such as) cleaning wind-pipes with thread through nose and stomach movements.

Darkened with the promiscuity of philosopher's stone, snakes-topmost vertebra, drugs and miracles, some are plunged into ignorance.

Some are busy in benedictions, fastings, boons, and curses, and some revel in the faculty of Shiva.

But, without the Holy Company and the Guru's Word, the piety cannot be sought, even, by pious ones.

To unknot one fallacy, one has to put a hundred truthful knots.(8)


The streams, rivulets and ravines, all meet (River) Ganga and their water becomes one with Ganga-water.

The eight metals become one metal called gold with the touch of the Philosopher's Stone.

The sandal-wood-tree endows the character of sandal-wood to all flora, whether fruit-bearing or fruitless, .

In all the six seasons and twelve months, there is only one sun and none other.

The universe is one although it is divided into four castes, six philosophies and twelve practices.

Gurmukhs discern only the Holy Assembly, and thus the Gurmukhs' paths do not get into dilemma,

And they concentrate on, nothing but, the only One.(9)


There are family-priests at paternal, maternal and in-law houses,

Who perform rites at births, tonsures, engagements, deaths, and at other rituals .

They remain involved in rendering contemplation on customs, traditions and religious manners.

With such negative actions, in reality they put (their patrons) into quandary, but tell them they were gaining celestial protection.

And, (without understanding), the patrons revel in honouring the (dead) elders, self-immolated wives, co-wives, streams and ponds.

Such (people) will be, without the Holy Company and the Guru's Word, put in the cycle of life and death.

Only the ones, with the understanding of the Guru, are strung in the (celestial) necklace.(10)

Note: For Paurees 11 to 21, please contact Pritpal Singh Bindra at:


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Hello, Its only saying that sikhs/devotees should mingle with devotees. I ofcouse dont mingle, talk much or make friend withs non-devotees or bad companies.. but somtimes your roommates aer of bad-cmpany, like smoking, drinking and bad-talking, but you dont interact with them.. but still u r living in the same house, same college... what do you do then? I usually dont make much friends with these people and i keep to myself, however I always have to see their faces becoz they lvie with me.

secondly, how is it to get a good sangat? can this internet forum be qualified as a sangat? what do u guys think?

i guess the best thing to do is just to leave home and everything and go find some good sangat in punjab.

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You are living in real world. Sikhism is a religion of reality, so in real world you have to face so many people from bad company. Now you have to act like "Lotus" which grows in mud but still its flower and keeps its quality although its in mud itself.

Guru ji said "bad company" is bad but it doesn't mean that if you're working at the office and you see bad co-worker then you will quit your job. We are instructed to get rid of bad company as soon as possible but then we're instructed to live in real world not in jungles so you will come across people with bad intentions so just deal with them.

You should be aware of this that Guru ji started Sikhism which believes in "family life" so in order to keep that way of life, you will come across variety of people, so use your wisdom and Guru ji's instruction and make your best judgement.

As far as, it goes to this forum then you are the best judge by yourself. If you're here then you're learning something new everyday and there are no instructions that you are not allowed to have a company of "cyber sangat" or cyber sangat is less that Physical Sangat.

I will end my post with few more instructions of our 11th Guru ji "Sri Guru Granth Sahib".

He will repent Who keeps the company of the evil-doers.

(Guru I, Prabhati Rag)

2. In the company of bad people, One faces great sorrows.

(Guru III, Maru Rag)

3. The body is full of lust and anger; The company of godly men renders it pure. (Guru IV, Gauri Rag)

4. The society of saints removes all sins.

( Guru V, GauriRag)

5. The society of saints secures comforts, In this world and the next.

(Guru V, Gauri Rag)

6. That is the society I crave for, Wherein the Name of the One is remembered.

(Guru I, Sri Rag)

7. Seek the company in which the glory of the Lord is sung and the Creator is contemplated;

In that company chant his glory and remember the Creator.

(Guru I, Gauri Rag)

8. Those who have found the society of the holy persons,

Are dyed fast with the love of the Supreme Being;

They are freed from all fetters and chains;

With devotion they worship the Lord,

Their eyes are pleased with the sight of the Lord,

Their tongues praise the Lord in all His manifestation.

With the Guru's Grace, their thirst is extinguished.

In the love of the Lord, their hearts feel fully satisfied.

Thy servant serves the Lord in His glory,

Who is the Primeval Being, the Highest of the high.

(Guru V, Basant Rag)

9. It is by great good fortune,

That one gets the society of the God-loving;

Unfortunate people grope about in doubt anddarkness;

The society of the truthful cannot be obtained without good fortune,

And without such society, man lives in impurity.

( Guru IV, Majh Rag)

10. True society is the school of the True Guru,

Whefrein we learn to love God,

And admire his greatness.

(Guru IV, Kanara Rag)

11. How can we know of true society?

Wherein the lovers of truth hold communion with Lord alone.

(Guru I, Sri Rag)

12. True society is the treasury of Divine Nam, Where we meet God.

(Guru I, Sarang Rag)

13. The dirt of egoism of ages which has soiled the soul,

Will be removed only in the society of the holy.

Just as iron floats when tied to timber,

So will one cross the ocean of life by following

The Guru's word in the company of saints.

(Guru IV, Kanara Rag)

14. O Lord, be so merciful and kind,

That I pass my days in the society of the saints;

For, they who forsake Thee,

Are born to die over and over again,

And never get rid of worries and grief.

(Guru V, Ramkali Rag)

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