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Gurdwara Party Hall Exposed!!


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Guest SAdmin

I don't understand one thing that why they need to offer these party halls in Gurudwara premises to begin with? Why not have Anand Karaj in Gurudwara Sahib and do cultural stuff at hotel or something? It will keep things in line?

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I am surprised that Kulvinder didn't attack the Old men in the hall like he did at leamington Spa to teach them a lesson.

probably because he was alone, and thought twice.

whats the point of looking the part , if you aint gonna play the part....genuwinely

But its good to know he has grown up over the months and used his Niti to expose these folks instead of resorting to violence ( Rab rakha, he was on his own and no woman or child got harmed).


In my opinion the best option now would be to name and shame each commitee member with pictures on all the punjabi newspapers. so the whole community is aware.

also kulvinder, ubi and everyone else, if these folks do repent, give them a chance to make up for there misdeeds by doing seva.

Please Please Please do not attack the Old Babe, Ladies and childeren.

you will only damage your cause and get hurt.

a peaceful solution is the first & best option. Violence should be shunned untill after all avenues have been exhausted, and even then it should be to a minimum.

no peace has ever completly resulted from war, as history has shown.


but this is just my two pence..... you may disagree

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