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Pracheen Panth Parkash

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I have the budha dal version, & afaik it's the same version as the one edited by Vir Singh. I've heard there's been a new publication with the unedited version of Pracheen Panth Parkash, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the author. I'll try to find out & post back.

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Its great to see such sewa being done. Could you upload some of the new parts of the translation, and update us on how his translation is going?

i remember seing a similiar translation taking place of the Suraj Parkash Granth. I read some 10 pages or so and that was 1-2 years ago. I wonder how that translation is going so far

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Came across this thread whilst searching.

I noticed a lot of questions about Bhai Vir SIngh's Editing of Bhangu's work.

You can read a Panjabi article about it here:


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Gyani Manjit Singh Damdami Taksal had completed his katha of Sri Gur Panth Parkash. It is available on gurmatveechar to listen/download. 


After listening to the whole katha of Sri Gur Panth Parkash over the last year, I felt it should be compulsory katha in Gurdwaras. It is an excellent tool to teach youngster about Sikh history and to develop love and sacrifice for the Panth.



and then follow these folders:

audios /Katha /Present Day Katha /Giani Manjit Singh (Damdami Taksal Vidyarthi Sampardai Bhindra) /

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