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The Ladder of Religion (Part 1)

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[align=center:59170ec90a]The Ladder of Religion[/align:59170ec90a]

1. Complete Faith in Waheguru

In this connection, this is the commandment –

Just as in the entire creation, there is but One Light of God (all are different shapes of one God). It neither increases nor decreases; there is no question of more or less. (Akal Ustat)

One should have complete faith in the existence of God, in His Truth and in His Majesty (of which we are servants). One’s belief in God should be unshakable.

He is always seeing and hearing all here. Through my folly, I thought God is far away. (SGGS P. 612)

Also –

Whereever I look, God is there; He never goes away, He is immanent in the entire universe. We should always meditate on Him. A true companion is He, who is never separated on us. Here or hereafter. That (worldy) happiness that finishes in the twinkling of the eye is a little happiness (not the real one). (SGGS P. 677)

It is necessary to have firm belief the Waheguru (god) whom I remember repeatedly is present within me, with full force. To illustrate this principle here is an ordinary example. There was a Mahatma who wanted to choose one of his chief disciples to succeed him and to be in charge of giving sermons to his congregation. For that purpose, he summoned his two disciples before all the congregation and expressed his objective. He asked two disciples to pick up each, one of the two pigeons that were there. He who will be the first to reach here after killing the pigeon will be entitled to get Guru’s gaddi. But the condition is that the pigeon is to be killed at a spot where no one sees it. On hearing this one follower quickly went to an isolated place at the rear of a house and making sure that no one was near seeing, he wrung the pigeon’s neck and brought it and threw it near the Guru. On the other hand the second disciple first went to a sugar cane field and said to himself that no one was seeing at that place. Just then he saw two small spiders flitting hither and thither. He said to himself here that here these little creatures are seeing, After that, carrying the pigeon, he went to the jungle, but here two birds were seeing. Then he got into a pit and covered his own eyes with a cloth (so that he too should not be seeing). But then the idea crossed his mind. At that time, seeing with the light of his knowledge, he felt that the Master of the World, who is present in every spot it seeing it and me too.

He is playing His great play. So he could not kill the pigeon (there was no place where no one was looking) and returned to the Mahatma and offering the living pigeon at his feet submitted thus, Sir, I have not found any place where nobody should be looking, there is no secret spot, where God the Omnipresent should not be seeing. So the Mahatma made the announcement that he appointed in his place that disciple, who has such unshakable faith in God’s Omnipresence. His in his consciousness does live in God Himself. As for the other disciple he was living in darkness (ignorance) since his inner eye had not opened, such a person’s words, however sweet they may be, cannot give right guidance to others, since he himself lives in darkness.

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