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Ladder of Religion (Step 7)

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7. Strong determination for the Jap of Naam

The two examples of this are Bhagat Prahlad and Bhagat Dhruv. They worked wonders by the jap of Naam. Bhagat Dhruv immersed himself in repeating God’s Name, after getting such advice from Narad, the Godly Rishi. The world was wonderstuck to see Dhruv’s iron determination to carry on the programme of Naam. There is a reference to it in Gurbani –

Under the counsel of Narad, Bhruv the child was completely immersed in the worship of God (SGGS P. 830)

As the elephant offers his head to the goad and as the anvil offers itself to the hammer, So place, thou, thy soul and body, before the Guru and ever stand and serve him. (SGGS P. 647)

By the desire less service of the Guru, purity begins to shine in your consciousness; and thus dirt gathered there through many lives is washed away by jap and soon success is achieved. But to do such a service, it is very necessary to adopt the fundamental principles of the Gurus –

He who does desire less service without expecting any fruit achieves the Mast (God). (SGGS P. 287)

Beyond this, there are two major faults, praise and censure. One feels very happy at heart on hearing one’s owns praise. And hearing ones dispraise, one’s mind becomes despondent. Later both these (praise and blame) produce misery, that comes of desire and jealousy. They shake the mind and make it restless. The mind is not inclined to the worship of God. Rather different types of stray thoughts cross the mind. For this reason, Guru ji commanded us to leave these two defects and try to search for salvation. Praise and blame are both great obstacles in the programme. Apart from these, one should develop virtues like fortitude, forgiveness, charity, soft heart, life of truth and speaking sweet words. These greatly help in the path of the seeker’s progress. Lack of egoism and prayer and devotion prove generally very good ornaments. Life should be run within the limits of the code of conduct prescribed by the Guru Maharaj.

One’s eyes should not covert the beauty of other people’s wives. (SGGS P 274)

Our ears should not hear the slander of anyone. (SGGS P. 274)

Says Farid, Do good even to the bad man. Let not anger spoil your mind. You will not suffer ailments of the body and all objects will come within your grasp. (SGGS P. 1381)

Do not show enmity towards anyone, because God dwells in each one of them. (SGGS P. 259)

Cursed be the hands and feet that do not service humanity. Any other action is useless. (Bhai Gurdas Ji, Vaar)

Leading ones’ life in the light of these instructions of the Guru is living according to the code of conduct.

Also purity is a very great quality. Bodily purity is a very great quality. Bodily purity saves us from many diseases and hindrances. For this reason, taking a bath at dawn is very necessary. One should practices purity of speech. As commands Guru ji –

By uttering harsh wards man comes to grief Hearken, O’ my foolish ignorant soul! (SGGS P. 15)

Nanak, by speaking dryly, the soul and body become dry (evil).

He is called the most evil of the evil and the most evil is his reputation.

The sour-tongued person is discarded in God’s court and the evil one’s face is spat upon. The harsh man is called a fool and he received shoe-beating as punishment. (SGGS P. 47)

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