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Ladder of Religion (Step 8)

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8. The Purity of Mind

Don’t entertain in your mind the feeling of enmity and jealousy for anyone. Don’t listen to the evil talked about another. Don’t deliberately give advice to anyone to commit fraud or deceit on anyone. Similarly practice non-violence, meaning that keep your mind free from any thought of violence, never commit physical violence, nor violence of speech or mental violence, nor violence or thought or violence through your powers. In place of this (violence) offer prayer to Waheguru. Keep in mind the magnificent maxim;

Nanak, God’s Divine Name is exalting and may all proper by Thy Grace.

Nanak Naam Chardi Kala, Tere Bhane Sarbat Da Bhala.

Cultivate this mentality (of wishing well to all) and don’t keep in your mind any idea of hostility or violence for any living being. Rather practise love and non-violence. Sharing your food with others (the needy) and giving one-tenth of your earnings in charity are acts of purity. The mentality of giving donations frees man of Maya (false deceptions). Cultivate contentment in your heart. Restrain the untrammelled flights of your sense organs. Practise this self-control.

So when we have achieved control over our sense organs and also control over our mind, then it will become very easy for us to practise jap of Naam, So when after preparing the soil of the body we sow in it the seed of Gur Mantar, and also put in hard-labour as explained above, then the harvest of Naam will soon bear fruit. Also Nine Treasures and Eighteen successes will be following us. We will then enter the divine circle of Naam and drink the nectar of Naam. We will obtain the divine sight with which we will see God in all His Creatures. Our existence will merge in God and our soul, separated from God for so many births and lives, will be united with God. That would be the riddance from all the miseries and troubles. Our soul would become an indistinguishable part of God, Who is Sat, Chit, Anand (Truth, Consciousness and Bliss)

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