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India's field of greens

Bikram singh

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Being relative of C.M. paid off (C.M. Sadhu ie BROTHER-IN-LAW of S.S.Mann)

how many farmers in Punjab can get Export Licenses without political jack,he is not ordinary farmer,he is son of Simranjit singh Mann, Who is fighting for ordinary people (farmers) of Punjab,where so many people dying under depth of Debt, Do you see the real Punjab Politics here,These people make fool of innocent and trusting punjabis for their own gains, if he gets you KHALISTAN,how many people he get Export Licenses.

I am myself is Mann,and I have no personal enemity with these people,(Politicians) but I am trying to tell people that all politicians work for their personal gain they have nothing to do with the ordinary people,these people are just power and money hungary,they will do anything to gain this

We in Punjab are lacking a real people's Leader,thats why we suffer on all fronts

India's field of greens

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