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RSS plans Ram Mandir serial

Mehtab Singh

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New Delhi, Aug. 29: After a documentary on its ideologue, Guru Golwalkar, the RSS "sympathisers" are all set to splash the television channels with a serial on Ram Mandir movement. The serial would also cover the history of RSS from its inception in 1925 till the death of its third sarsangchalak, Balasaheb Deoras in 1995. The 70-episode serial would be called Matribhoomi.

According to RSS mouthpiece Organiser, outfit chief K.S. Sudershan, who was present at the "mahurat" of the serial, said, "I hope the serial will present the facts in right perspective, so that people can see the truth with their own eyes." Other leaders present at the function were BJP chief Rajnath Singh, Leader of the Opposition L.K. Advani, VHP chief Ashok Singhal and NDA convener George Fernandes.

Since the serial was being shot, it’s still not clear whether it would cover the demolition of the Babri Masjid. However, an RSS functionary said that while covering the history of the RSS, it would try to project the "temple movement in right perspective".

Asked whether any effort would be made to air the serial on national channels, the RSS functionary said, "The serial is still being made. It is expected to be ready in another couple of months. Then maybe the talks will start with the national and private channels."

It can be mentioned that over the past few months, the RSS has stepped up its Hindutva campaign with the strong support of the BJP under Mr Rajnath Singh. Both the BJP and RSS have now taken up the cause of compulsory singing of Vande Mataram in the saffron-ruled states. Singing of Vande Mataram is expected to be mandatory in the BJP-ruled states, with Chhattisgarh taking a lead. Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are expected to follow suit.

With the section of Muslim leaders objecting to the first two stanzas of the song, a controversy has been raging over the issue. The translation of the first two stanzas read, "Mother, I bow to thee! Rich with thy hurrying streams, bright with orchard gleams, Cool with thy winds of delight, Dark fields waving Mother of might, Mother free. Glory of moonlight dreams, Over thy branches and lordly streams, Clad in thy blossoming trees, Mother, giver of ease. Laughing low and sweet! Mother I kiss thy feet, Speaker sweet and low! Mother, to thee I bow."

Mr S.Q.R. Ilyas, spokesman, All-India Muslim Personal Board, has gone on record saying, "Muslims will not sing the country’s national song Vande Mataram. We love the country but don’t worship it. The song talks about worshipping, as in idol worship, which is against the fundamental ethos of Islam. It is a very sensitive issue for Muslims."

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