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Understanding the Power of Mantras

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Understanding the Power of Mantras

By Ankita

EVERY matter - from the tiniest DNA strand in us to the largest of continents - is in a state of constant vibration resulting in the emission of subtle sounds.

The great teachers of ancient times had the power to listen to the subtlest of these sounds. They discovered that specific sounds energized specific portions of the brain thereby awakening extraordinary powers (Siddhis). They used these sounds to form sacred words that are called Mantras.

Mantras have a profound impact upon us due to two reasons:

- The vibration effect of the sound; and

- The effect of the collective emotional energy behind that word due to constant repetition over time.

Benefits of Mantras

Mantras act upon our bodies by reprogramming the vibrations of the cells that have somehow gone askew. They restore the pattern of sounds at the heart of each and every cell, thus pushing the cells toward harmonious health.

Mantras affect not only our physical body but also our subtle body - our emotions, intellect and soul. They positively affect our aura - the energy shields surrounding our body.

We hear any word and have an emotional reaction to it. This is because we are conditioned by OUR experiences connected to that word AND the collective emotions that people have towards that word.

As an example, the word "mother" when spoken with deliberation, evokes an emotional energy realignment. Just imagine the power of sounds repeated billions of times, with great collective devotion and over centuries!

These sounds form the heart of Mantras and deeply influence the energy alignment within us.

Mantra Meditation

Repetition of a Mantra is a powerful way of keeping us in the Present and stilling our "monkey mind", which is forever jumping uncontrollably from one thought to another.

The moment we inculcate the practice of being "intensely" present - with neither any 'baggage' of the subconscious past nor the remotest anxiety of the future - we, then, automatically experience great peace, profound silence and supreme joy!

This, in fact, is the process and goal of meditation and using mantras is a very effective way to achieve it!

Using Japa Malas for Meditation

Repetition of a mantra is called Japa and a Japa Mala is a string of beads used to count the repetition of a mantra.

The act of turning the beads while recitation of the mantra is extremely effective in keeping you in the present. Equally important is that it keeps you 'grounded' as you advance in meditation and helps you continually gain from the material properties of the beads.

As you do Japa, you will invariably encounter wandering thoughts even as you repeat the Mantra mechanically. In such a case, gently refocus without getting agitated. The beauty of a Mantra is that EVEN a mechanical repetition exposes you to the benefits of the sacred sounds.

There are various Mantras and Japa mala beads that you can use to make your meditative journey relatively smooth. These mantras and malas depend upon your individual mind and body type. They are either provided by a Guru or can be selected by yourself depending upon your intuitive sense of what 'feels right' for you - which is often the best way.

In conclusion, Mantras are one of the most effective ways to experience supreme bliss and freedom from the bondage of the uncontrolled mind.

Warm wishes,



© Copyright 2006 PS-Magazine.com, otherwise the author.


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