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Third Attack on Sikhs hair in India

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After Jaipur and Jamshedpur it was tern of Delhi.

Harpreet Singh a native of Ludhiana had profession in Delhi.He ran consultancy work for yuong men to enable them to tie turban.

He is professional,who helps to tie turban.

On Friday night,three guys intruded into his house.Took his mony and forcable cut his hairs and beard.

Police was called.Who have apprihanded one of the culprit but only registered the case of burgelray.

and sent man back to Ludhiana.Once local Sikhs of Delhi,where it ahppened knew this,they surronded the local police station.Pelted stone on trafic,blaocked the trafric and inflicted harm to local shops and metor rail station.

Later situation was brought under the control.

As per electronic media there seems to be proxy war against Sikhs.

Who could be culprit behind the proxy war.As in recent case person was told by accused after cutting the hairs that in case he tels other about it,he will be kiilled.This means culprit wanted him to tell others and let there be turmoil.

Das just wants to tell that,we have to keep restraint before restoring vandlism as some one could be provking us,who could be that?

1. Pakistaini ISI,they want India in turmoil but they have own probelm in Baloch Area.

2.Congress men.As we see that in past at time of Jaipur episode,we had it as divertion from anti reservation movement.This episode could be more an act to divert from anti sealing front,which may also divide this anmti sealing front(in Delhi there has been large sacle sealing of commercial establishement)/

But why should the govenring party create problem within its nation.Anyway many fantic Sikhs in order to remove cruupt Badal are always in serach of an issue,which could be used to end pro status qoue Badal's useless rule over SGPC and Congreesss gives full support to it.

3.Pseudo Brahmnaical and anti Sikh Arya Samji forces have a sort of instituation looby in the form of Hindutva forces.They carry out a lot of gimmcker in recent days like spoon feeding Lord Gaensha with milk(as per Swami Ramdev Ji,it is a miracle rather that God makes cow to give us milk and not this funny thing of gods taking milk),Appearing of Shiv Lingas or Ganeshas or picture of Sai Baba.

False peope do spread false things.But mnay people are becoing interested in in Gurmat and want to throw the ages old yoke of oppression.

Many post in govt are held By Sikhs.So to create problem for the govt. and let Hindus start hating Sikhs and vice versa so no dialoge is there and no Hindu should be Sikh,these BJP types of guy could be the culpret.Jamshedpur,Jaipur and Tilak Nager under OP Baber have some lin to BJP.

But again why should ruling party let trouble in self rueld state?

But things are going seriouly out of porportions.

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Veerji, I have been quite reminding in this regard. Some days ago, I had started a post in this sub section namely:-

conspiracy of joking sardarz in print/news/other media.

But I observed that nobody among atleast viewers took notice seriously of the post.

cutting of hair & be-adbi of kakkars are the another mis-deeds of the persons controlled by the main conspirants.

If we donot wake up even now, then there shall be a serious delay.

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