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sadh sangat


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The biggest Sadhu/Sant/Brahm Giani/Gursikh etc, etc is the Guru

The Guru = Gurbani

Do the sangat of Gurbani and you have done Sadh/Sant/Gur Sangat.

If you can find enlightened humans, then you are very lucky, you should do there sangat as well.

When we walk, talk, play or whatever and constantly recire Gurbani Naam then we are always doing sangat.

Guru Granth Sahib (i.e God) is running the whole universe, can anyone really NOT be doing his sangat. As the shabad is running us and everything else in the world and beyond.

"Gur marai Sang Sadaa HAI nALAI, Simar, Simra tis sadaa samaalai"

The gur is always with you, contemplate his name and fell him close.

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