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I wuz finking yestaday,

dat bhai ghanaiya....like krishna...like

bhai mati das......like a hindu name

bhai gopala.....anotha name fo' krishna

I fink da RSS is making history so it seem mo' hindu..so da khalsa raj ain't strong inni'.....

so we shud change all dem names to eitha' bhai gunee instead of ghanaiya..like

or like, bhai ghanaiya singh...so he 'khalsa'

or mati das shud b like mati singh or like manjit singh so he seem propa' and he shud have a patiala shahi pagh wid dem nice glasses...like dat geeza' "sirdar kapur singh"....

den we shud change bhai gopala to like bhai domala...and den add singh, becuz in da end...dey all came back and became like khalsa....


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