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what happend to mardarna


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That is a wonderful sakhi and one subject which has been of much debate. According to another sakhi Bhai Mardana passed away somewhere in afghansitan, where a samdh was purportedly built. Howevr this sakhi on sikhi wiki seems to carry more weight. What do ancient texts say about? Suraj prakash seems the one to refer to.

victory to the Panth


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Bhai Mardana Ji breathed their last whilst bowing to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Khurm which is in Khurm, i am not sure if that is in Afganistan or Iran. I think it is in Iran. I know Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji Barundi Walae are looking to make a Gurdwara at the site where Bhai Mardana Ji passed away

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