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AKJ Vs Kala Afghana debate

whom should we side if we have to support?  

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    • Kala Afghanaism
    • AKJism

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Das usaly does not like some AKJ guys slandering all Sanatan Sikhs yet has respect for all Singh from all Jathas.

Anyway das got this link and want to have more info on it,where it was found that how AKJ guys defeated a person from Kala Afghana side.


Das in past had twice deabte with Kala Afghana side people in India,while in UK,they did not debate from das but tryed to learn and further tried to contact Baba Nidder Singh Ji also.

While in Delhi on first occaision,das felt the same reaction from thier side as article says.

Debator from AKJ side were Bhai Kulbeer Singh Ji,Who are perhaps member of this forum as liono.

so das can trust that this time Panthic.org has been right due to his own experiance with Kala Afghana Side.

anyway during second discussion with another peron from that side,who has beeen teacher of das,Das views were appriciated and das was ordered to study more.But so far issues raised by das have not reached Kala Afghana Sahib else das would also had been made an object of fun by him. :LOL:

anyway once video is made public,we can decide,what actual hapened in Canada.As Sanatan Sikh,das agre to AKJ on these ground.They are better then Kala Afghan Sahib,Even if they do not like Das eatng meat,while Kala Afghana sahib also is pre meat eating.http://www.panthic.org/news/123/ARTICLE/2814/2006-10-11.html

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Das is realy able to understand what Bhai Sahib Amrit Pal Singh ji are talking about and das can not supress the smile.

But then das was interseted to see who is nearer to us.

Anyway Bhai Amardeep Singh Ji,see the site sikhmarg.com and you will find who they are ie Kala Afghanists.Then you decide it yourself to support or to oppse.

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