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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh !

I recently found this video - it is from a programme shown on Channel 4 (UK) in around 1986.

The programme was 'The Faiths Next Door' - in the clip you will see footage of a Rain Sabai Keertan in Barking, Essex UK.

There are lots of familiar faces from The Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK - all a lot younger - it features a young Bhai Manjit Singh Glasgow performing Keertan - and some Gatka.

See who you can recognise !

The clip is from a very dusty old video and if I remember correctly there was a storm that week so my TV aeriel had moved !

that explains the fuzzy pictures !

Enjoy the Clip - click on the link:


Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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That is such a random fact tSingh !

I love it - I thought I was the only one who remembered the oddest things and yes I do remember - that bloke from 'allo 'allo did get knocked on the head.

They don't make programmes like that anymore - Thank God !

Listen very carefully I shall say this only once !

The pill in the till, the drug in the jug, the candle with the handle on the gateau from the chateau and the painting of the fallen Madonna with the big boobies !

Complete Tosh -it was so bad it was almost good !

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No really, it was definately racist and purile. When that came on TV there was only misery and boredom. But I liked the smutiness of it, plus the big scar on his forehead. But I guess we should get back on topic...

Is it me or was antiques roadshow so much better back then. Again you needed almost zen like patience to sit through it all. But the joy at seeing those little podgy faces light up with shock when their broken toilet brush turned out to be 'a bit deco' and worth more than their annual incomes. I'm starting to think that it was the nonchalent facial responses to multi-thousand pound estimates by women wearing pearls and cravattes that first made me bitterly political.

Anyone for dangermouse the first time around? Viva postmodernism!

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I was always more of a 'Wombles' and 'Bagpuss' man - what with the proto eco warrior message and also the subplot of getting back at 'Trustafarians' - contaminating the 'Pure ideas' of the struggle - by selling them any old tat in your shop( which you either found on Wimbledon Common or was brought into the Shop by Emily) at inflated prices by stringing out some long convoluted story

Now we are on the Topic it is imperative - no esstential to the survival of the Panth that 'Smurfs' be boycotted by all Panthic minded people .

They are nothing but a RSS funded trap - trying to lure Simple Minded people to the Path of Krishna and idoltry.

And you thought that blue colour and high pitched singing was just the product of the over active imagination of some some Scandinavian - NO it is a plot by Hare Krishnas to take over the world

To quote another Dodgy Unfunny British Comedy "We're All Doomed ! "

Mr Mainwaring .... Who do you think you are Kidding Mr RSS ....

Dangermouse was OK Duckula was better - Don't even get me started on Chorlton and the Wheelies or Jamie and his Magic Torch - believe me I am a 'scholar' when it comes to retro Kids TV - having spent many years discussing such toss at length in the Student Union when I should have been at my Psychology lectures - I mean who needs to know about Psychodynamics or hear some half pissed lecturer drone on about Ebbinghaus or master the latest SPSS stats package- in this day and age -when you could be having a heated debate about the merits of 'Rainbow' - I mean why did Bungle wear shorts in the Summer ? or trying to remember the names of the Firemen in Chigley - Pew Hugh Barley Mcgrew Cuthbert Dibble Grub !

Any way enough of this old toss !

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Ranjit Singh Freed is anti-sant!

everyone knows that papa smurf is a nirmala, or he was until he became a bandhai and started wearing red. he adorned the traditional khalsa boonga and treated smurfette like his own daughter....it is apparent that he is the janasheen of the panth and held his role as jathedar/poojari with great esteem....shame on you; papa smurf is chardiankallah....you just don't like him because he encouraged singing in simple dharna's as opposed to raag....

LaLA-l-la la la-la-l-la la la

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There you go then. I didn't know the subliminal stuff in my favourite, bagpuss. I used to really adore baguss, totally in keeping with my hippy heritage, but when it had finished and the TV went off I would always get angry and struggle literally out of a pre-linguistic recognition of the oppression meted out by the weak at the hands of the capitalist oppressors (my mum as it turned out). Just visualising bagpuss makes me want to smash glasses and run around starkers for half an hour.

Because of my parent's own faith in Marx, I was given and read 'socialist' picture story books as a wee knipper! My mum now admits it was possibly a bit OTT. They were awesome though. One was 'war of the peas' in which the animals who were starving because of exploitation and landlessness, conducted a bloody and violent guerrila war on the horders of the food, using the very 'tools of production' on the capitalist oppressors - peas. Another one which I loved was about a horrible corporate monetarist suited man who is so obsessed in controlling things, he runs earth into the ground with industry to enable him to fly to and dominate the moon. As the earth finally collapses under environmental and capitalist exploitation, he shoots off. Once at the moon he gets bored, while in the meantime earth fights back with fauna and dinosaurs reclaiming earth, turning it into a paradise of sorts. The suited capitalist spots this new beautiful planet and unknowlingly returns to conquer it, only to arrive and be told its the planet he destroyed now to be shared by everyone by a talking stegeosaurus.

But ranjit ji, I can;t believe that you a) did a psychology degree - I'm a fellow sucka and B) went to the student flippin union you sell out. Our union was aways pumped to the roof with plummy wankers talking to their mate charlie about rugger. I also did a psychology degree and came to the conclusion that scientists will only ever know as much about real psychology as I will about multiple correlations, and that Freud was closer to the truth than anyone is really ready to acknowledge. I'm starting to think that psychology as a distinct subject died with Freud.

What say brother ranjit?

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Oh no I've been rumbled !

Trust it to be SA's very own Enigma codebreaker Mr Forward Backward

It's a fair Cop mate ! - wasn't La la la the song from the Banana Splits ? -- One banana 2 banana 3 banana 4 5 bananas make a bunch and so do many more.....


tSingh ! - I'm not the only one! - at college I was always the 'Psychology Singh' - a name given to me by the 'Kidda Alrights' - the name I gave to the Indian Kids - that is all they ever said to me - nothing else !

( I guess they avoided me - Singhs aren't fun are they !!!!)

The Kidda Alrights were all at a different campus (Law and Business naturally!) -

But they came to our campus cos that was where the Bar was ! (yes tSingh a proper sell out - I worked at the Union! But I was the Friendliest Bouncer they ever had !!)

The Kidda Alrights used to say to me don't your parents give you any money - why you working !! - The Cheeky Buggers

Our bar didn't have any rugger types - they had their own - ours was full of Indie Kids -wannabe Crusty/road protester - Dog on a string - Snakebite & Black types - it was a time of road protests - and squatting around the M11 extention site.

The Kidda Alrights always took the piss - 'Psychology Singh' 'coconut' you know the usual if you aint one of the cookie cutter innit types - until they found out the psychology course was 95% female - then they would always say - A Singh shouldn't do that - shouldn't do this - why you working in a bar etc etc -- what can you say ?

Had a right laugh though - you're right about 'real psychology' - you mentioning multiple correlations just gave me a nasty flashback to a really bad Stats lecture - I won't go into details !

tSingh - socialist comics - with talking dinosaurs - We've come back to Kids TV -- that idea has been stolen by - Barney the Dinosaur , that singing purple dino -

altogether now -- "I love you, you love me, we all make a happy family - with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you - won't you say you love me too "

Barney - Ah Bless - he was always on TV on the morning when you came came from a night out at Uni - gave my flatemate the HeeBeeGeeBees - had to talk him down - but we'll have less of that

Kidda Alright for now !

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Gurfateh !

Back to the original topic ------

Here is another clearer clip



In case there are any accusations of Jatha favouritism - I've got some clips of Nihang Nidar Singh (from 1995) and our esteemed 'Javanmard' (from Alpha TV) too - when I get some time I'll post them too !

Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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