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Gobinde Mukande Udhari Aparee - video slide show must see!


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Gobind Mukande Udare Apare…

GOBINDE - O the Preserver Lord!

MUKANDE - O Salvation-Giver Lord!

UDAARE - O Most Genereous Lord!

APAARE - O Boundless Lord!

HARIANG - O Destroyer Lord!

KARIANG - O the Creator Lord!

NIRNAAME - O the Nameless Lord!

AKAAME - O the Desireless Lord!

The tears roll down my cheeks, as I call out for the Beloved Master of my soul, Guru Gobind Singh. Maharaj, I cry out for you in joyous ecstasy, in rapturous cries of longing. Maharaj my eyes are blinded with tears of your loves, my ears ring with the current of your eternal shabad.

Please Maharaj I beg you, I cry out for your mercy, please bless this worthless sinner with just one glimpse of your beauteous form. Maharaj the arrows of your bairaag pierce through my soul, as I soar higher and higher on the wings of you peace giving shabad. My Master bless me that I may never wander from your lotus charan. Maharaj bless me with your seva till the day I breathe my last. Your seva keeps me alive, without your naam I cannot live. Without your beloved darshan I am no more.

You gave everything up for true love, my Beloved Master, everything. There is nothing I can offer before you apart from undying love. My body burns with longing for your beloved darshan, my soul cries out for one glance from your beloved eyes.

Without you, my perfect Guru, there is nothing, nothing exists without my beloved. He is my all…

Yours for eternity

Sukha Singh

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inspired by sukha singh, i have created video slide show with theme back grounds of this gayatri mantra from Jaap Sahib by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.

Video slide show can be downloaded from:

right click and save target as:


contemplate on this gyatri mantar which shahid baba deep singh ji recitten upon until his last breath from jaap sahib.... it's really uplifting.

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