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Paul Weller, Moz - Heroes......


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This post might be a bit incoherent - I apologise - I have a tendency to ramble on regardless of whether people know what I'm on about .

I've just been watching the Paul Weller documentary on BBC2 - being a child of the Seventies and Eighties - I idolized him

as well as Joe Strummer - In the eighties it was Ian McCulloch and Morrissey ( I was well into misery guts music - though I didn't have the quiff or back combed hair - obviously! - though I did have the required long coat - bought at oxfam!) - I queued for hours once outside HMV to get my record signed by Morrissey - I remember I had a stupid grin on my face for weeks after - My mates still take the piss - I didn't speak to him - just stared at him in awe !! - Stupid git aint I !

Anyway I do have a point - in my younger days I would of had a stroke If I had met Paul Weller or Moz - they were proper heroes - - It got me to thinking how would I react if I received the apaar bakhshish of Darshan - of Guru Gobind Singh .

We all do ardas for it - how would we react if it actually happened - would we be ready - could we cope ???

Please give your thoughts - please do even if it's just to say 'get a life you sad twat !'

'There is a light that never goes out'


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Paul Weller I can just about cope with, but bloody Morrissey? Morrrissey???? Shame on you bringing that dirt on to this virtuous forum. If there is one thing worse than all the global exploitation and bullshit happening, its relatively privelaged kids with running water/adequate food/daily safety from random bullets shamelessly pitying themselves and wallowing in their own vanity to the sound of Morrissey whining on about his sodding girlfriend in a coma. Honestly Ranjeet, I thought more of you. You could have at least been into the Fall. They were on top form in the earliest 80s (dare I mention hex enduction hour?). Personally I would have loved to have met John Cage, Fredrick Engels. I'd have nothing to say to them, but nice to have met. One hero I finally got to speak with recently was Terry Riley, who I love. Jean-Luc Godard would be nice to have a chuckle and a coffee with, although the only french I know is 'parle vous francais?' which would have got me a slap I guess.

I met a person I respect very much a year ago who is regarded as brahmgyani, and it was so overpowering that I found it hard to look into his eyes, God only knows how I would have responded to Maharaj's darshan.

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Bloody Musos ! just what i'd expect tSingh - Muso-types the're all the same !!

You made me chuckle first thing in the morning - bringing that dirt on this virtuous forum - I love it !

Thanks for the response - nice to get a human response - not the usual 'You're going to Hell in a handcart' reply you get on certain sites for listening to music - let alone that there 'Gora' music

Dissing the Quiffed One - How VEry dare you !!

Cheers mate

Rab Rakha


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I wish I was laughing too Ranjit. Honestly, I've got friends who are ardent marxists who STILL can't see the problems with listening to the Smiths. I'm convinced they're the logical conclusion of Althusser's 'ideological state apparatus', capitalist ideological tyranny that is designed to resign all of us to exploitation and misery, pervading all aspects of modern culture including 'Meat is Murder'. What greater way to create cynical little money makers than through consumerist self-pity and vegetarianism! I tell you, you're going hell in wheelbarrow buddy with musical tastes like that.

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talking about Jean-Luc Godard

Here's a quite funny story about my 'attempts' to be arty and interesting

- I remember a bunch of us - as pretentious teenagers went to see his 'grave' in Paris - One of my mates claimed in was in Montmartre somewhere - when we got there it was - François Truffaut !! (Godard is still alive - isn't he ??)

Another tale of Paris cemeteries (see Morrissey had a profound effect on me - hanging around cemeteries !) On another trip to Paris this time with the Mrs - I insisted , despite it being a scorching day, that we visit Pere Lachaise Cemetery to see the graves of Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison

When we came back the In Laws , who are no nonsense Northern types (but still proper desi - what a combination !) were seriously non plussed as to why we went - why did you go to a graveyard ??? to see who ?

où est la bibliothèque ? ( the only french I remember !)


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Hehehehe, now you're making me laugh. Thats a great story. Even better if you'd stayed up all the night before watching Breathless and Weekend with teary eyes. Yes, you're right, old Godard's still making films! hehe.

Ahhh, a fellow northerner too. Yorkshire? I've got a friend where I live now who is 100% Leeds and 100% jat pindu to the max. I can never get a word in edge ways! Paris what a great city. Presently my entire reading list seems to have been generated in Paris' universities. I'm thinking next time I go of doing a La commune sightseeing expedition.

Stay well

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