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Please Answer My Question !!!!******

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SSA SAB NU!!!!****

My Question is that in today's Sikh community every second person is cutting his hair and moving towards bad things I just want to know that is this WAHEGROO'S WILL that they are not becoming full Sikh and not getting Spiritual happiness or it is their own individual thinking.

I'm here Living in India feels very bad when I see Sikh's cutting their Hair!!** Vahegroo thanu Sumati De!!**

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Here are the few words veer:

Khalsa never was created for weak links. Its about scarificing everything to guru gobind singh ji maharaj. Not many people can do that not because they are control over their own lives. Its because they are not choosen ones or its the not right time for em.

Chill veeer ji. Have a cha/lassi and have faith in guroo's words... 96 crore khalsa aououou tahair keie :wink:

vaheguroojikakhalsavaheguroojikifateh :LOL::LOL:

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i believe that only with gurus kirpa can u become a khalsa..there is a certain level of wahegurus hukam in this... it was wahegurus hukam that we were born as humans... look at the chances of that - 64 million to 1 - it was wahegurus hukam that we was born into a sikh family too.... i dont even wanna think about the probability of that.... then the probability of that one person becoming a khalsa is even less....

we have been blessed with the ability to think for ourselfs and do our own actions, i can go smoke or whatever 2moro and i can claim "oh its wahegurus hukam" it doesnt work that way... a person who walks the path of sikhi will get kirpa from waheguru.... a person who doesnt wont get nothing :|

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We need to take actions rather than questioning ourselves. Just imgine how many became Sikhs just by the efforts of Guru Nanak devji?

Just make it your mission that you will sit with one Sikh on every weekend and let him know about our history.

We need to educate our brothers and sisters. Questions won't make any difference but actions. Send them to this site and we will take care of them.

Try to send e-mails to your friends and let them know about the Sikh websites. Let them be a part of discussion forums. We need to spread the word of Sikh websites. We need to get them on discussion forums so if they have any questions they get anwsers.

There is a post with website collections in general chat section just cut and paste that and send all the links to your friends. You make efforts and don't worry about results.

Sikhism is becoming global not just a religon of north Indian but world is coming to adopt sikhism. I can see it and you will soon. :D

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my fellow bros and sisters

i know exactly where u are talking from. i have spent 3 years living and working with sikhs from india. my main concern is the wide migration from india to western countires. most of these indians are cutting thier hair drinking, smoking and doing every bad intoxine in da book. where will sikhi go in a few years time?will these same indians have any idea wot is happening to panjab? wot will they teach thier children? these same ppl have no idea wots happenin in thier own country. to many ppl are leaving panjab and desire to settle abroad forgetting thier roots and culture. i urge you all to let ur family back hoome to stay and proper in panjab. i just read the article called "Do they give water allotment to Sikhs of 5 rivers?" What five rivers? Please excuse me, I need to vent. (source: http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/discussion....C0?OpenDocument this guy is so rite, everything he said is either spoken from experience and/or studied the grounds of panjab.

some have suggested that ppl in da western countries should travel to parts of panjab and set up sikh camps to teach the villiagers on wot sikhism is really about. i mean the problem is not only in western countires like most say. kids in both east and west are doomed if this habit keeps persisting...

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