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Kundalini Yoga Vs Bhakti Yoga


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Can any one please try to clear up the difference between those two??

Our gurus used bhakti marg/prema marg (Bhakti Yoga) to be akaal by doing mediation.

is Kundalini Yoga is another form of mediation towards vaheguroo??

thanks in advance. :D

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Guest kaur1699

is Kundalini Yoga is another form of mediation towards vaheguroo??

Fateh Ji,

I have recently been reading up on Kundalini Yoga and have quoted the introduction. As mentioned below, Kundalini Yoga is aimed at helping to provide 100% concentration and will also help to energise your body.


The following exercises can be performed before you perform Nitnem (Sikh Morning Prayers). They will help to provide 100% concentration and will also help to energise your body.

They will also help to improve health, lower blood pressure, increase creativity, boost confidence, increase prosperity and help you to connect with your higher self (God).

The complete set of routine KY exercises will take approximately 40 minutes depending on how long you do each exercise. Tailor your practice times so that you do not feel rushed. The more relaxed and present you are to what you are doing and what is happening, the better the results and the more awareness you will cultivate.

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Kundalini yoga is more about the various chakras in your body. there are a total of seven chakras in your body.. i used to do this and some other stuff... but i have come to the conclusion its all useless if done without an instructor or otherwise.. well this was 2 yrs ago

now i just listen to shabads and i go with the flow of life.. or just the path of bhakti yoga.. there is another yoga which is called naad yoga, the yoga of sound, which is like listening to gurbani.. and has a powerful effect. i read it in Sundar Gutka

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Dear N30 Singh,

Well my views on the subject are that Kundalini Yoga or Physical Yoga or such other Yoga sadhnas are not at all reccomended in the sikh religion.

I recently had an interaction with one sikh gentleman in a train while going home. I was interacting with a young Gujarati girl, who is working in Uk. It turned out that she was working a firm specialising in stress management techniques.

She was all praise for her stress busting programmes. I told her that my stress buster was in an audio tape in fron of me which contained Gurbani. Well to cut a long story short...during the course of my conversation I blurted out ....that I was interested in spirtuality (as if I am a 'saccha succha' = true..banda..hah)...

Well after she departed at one of the stations, the sikh gentleman sitting on the other seat struck a conversation with me. The person had some knowledge about Yoga, Chakras, Kundalini etc. and did give me some insightful tips.

Some were really good, but then he detailed how Yoga helps you to leave your body and mentioned that it is essential to leave it to find God.

In effect Yogis do Yoga so that they can ultimately do this.

I told him that by 'force' you cannot get to God and that God was very near and not far ..(there are many Shabads in Gurbani to this extent)..

But he wouldnt have it and gave me an example...that say you are in a darkened Room and you have 5 or 6 holes in different parts of the room. There is one door in this room.

Now if you go to each hole and look out, you will see something different.

In the hole to the east u will see the sun rising....

In the top hole you will see blue sky ..

etc. etc.

Similalrly he said you have this body which has got some sense organs ....like eyes which have their limitations......(wavelength of light which they can see), ears...etc.

So he said that to see God in its totality you have to force yourslef out of the door....and see God.

However I told him that if you love God, he will himslef...break all doors and come and get you .............just like Bhai Gurdas Ji says ..."Charan sharan Gur Ek Painda Jaiye Chal....."

It is the Love ....that is the 1st Painda....and there are ways in which you can show this love .....hymns, compassion, service, upholding truth, dasvandh etc.

Guru Ji himself never followed any Yoga routines or there would have been some mention of these routines in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

I think he was totally against.

This Kundalini Yoga is a Yog Harbahajan Singh ji's phenomenan........He has done a great deal of service to the sikhs ...but this is one point which is not at all valid.

As far as concentration is concerned ...you have to beg that from the 'King of Kings' ...............If I can love Keertan ...anyone can ....almost 6 months ago. I couldnt even stand it and now the tide has turned .......I cannot stand songs after listening to Gurbani.

Can I please suggest a few hmyns sung a few raagis .........? :-) Nothing would give me more pleasure.

I hope I have been able to make sense. If not please feel free to PM or respond anytime ..


H Singh

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Dear Steel Bangle,

In fact me was saying that me can give a few names (u know haume is too strong)..

Many thanks for the links anyways ...

Do check out some of the posts I made today ..would love it of u read what I replied on 'Sikhism and Cleanliness" ..to Mohammed...I couldt resisit it /...:-0 :twisted:


H Singh

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