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That day in 1699...

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found the pasted article at :


its probably the most fantastic account of that day i've ever read.

can we post articles/accounts concerning that actual day on this thread - especially eye-witness accounts.

thank you



Eyewitness Account of Vaisakhi 1699

(From an Urdu Pamphlet)

Bhai Veer Singh mentions Abu-ul-Trafi in his book. He was spying on Guru Gobind Singh for a year and a half. This is how the incident is recorded in this spy's journal:

"On the day Guru Gobind Singh Ji prepared Amrit in Anandpur, the attendance in the Diwan was about 35 to 40 thousands. The Mughals had four thrones (seats of Imperial Power), Delhi, Agra, Lahore and Kalanur, but the grandeur of Guru Ji's throne was in a class by itself. The grandeur of this throne was out of this world.

Guru Ji came to the Diwan and, unsheathing his sword, spoke in his thundering voice that he needed a head. No questions or hesitation at all, Bhai Dya Ram came forward to Guru Ji. Guru Ji right in front of all, cut off his head from the body in one stroke. Every body present was stunned. Then Guru Ji again thundered and demanded one more head. Right on Guru's call, Dharam Chand got up, came to Guru Ji, bowed his head and said here is my offering of my head. Guru Ji, again, in one stroke cut off Dharam Chand's head from his body.

Now there was a big commotion in the Diwan. But Guru Ji in his thundering voice went on demanding heads, one after the other. Himmat Rai, Mohkam Chand and Sahib Ram got up and offered their heads. Guru Ji cut off the heads of these three also.

Many from the congregation went to Guru Ji's mother, and narrated the whole happenings in the Diwan to Mata Ji.

Guru Ji cleaned up the blood from the five bodies and heads, and even washed the floor, Then the Guru of these infidels, stitched one head with other body, one by one. This process took about three hours. Then he covered these dead bodies with white sheets.

The Guru of the infidels then took a cauldron made of stone and put an iron wok without handles on top of it. Poured water into the wok and started preparing the "Amrit" (Aab-e-hyat - Elixir of life). The infidel Guru kept churning the water with his sword and kept on reciting his Kalma (Gurbani). This process went on for 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time, a lady from Guru's house came and put something in that water. Now the Amrit "Elixir" was ready.

From the corpses, he took the covering sheets off. First he sat on the head side of Dya Ram, and poured AMRIT "Elixir" in his mouth, then poured some on his head and sprinkled some on his body, and then he asked the dead body to say "Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh." As if on his Guru's Command, Dya Ram got up and repeated in his bold voice,"Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh."

It appeared that in the entire congregation every body was so stunned and as if stopped breathing. There was pin-drop silence. All those present were mesmerized with their Guru's miracle. In the same manner, one after the other, Guru made the other four alive too.

Then, he took all five of them inside a tent. After a while Guru Ji along with the five came out. The Five were now wearing new attire. Those five risen from the dead were standing in a line. Then Guru came in front of them and took the "Bir Asan" (Posture of the brave - kneeling on one knee) and asked for the Amrit "Elixir." At this point, these five asked, what are you offering to get this Amrit "Elixir." Then Guru said that I would sacrifice my parents and my sons for your sake. Then these five gave Amrit "Elixir" to Guru Ji, and his name was changed to "Gobind Singh." The word "Singh" was attached with other five's too - Dya Singh, Dharam Singh, Himmat Singh, Mohkam Singh and Sahib Singh.

Abu-el-Trafi writes that I was very remorseful and cried like a baby. After that, thousands took the AMRIT "Elixir". Even, I was attracted by a magnetic force and with utmost regret fell on Guru's feet. I requested Guru to give me Amrit (Aaab-e-hyat) too. Guru Ji already knew about my role as a spy and a traitor, put his hand on my back, gave me Amrit and changed my name to Ajmer Singh. Just with this act, my sins of numerous lives got washed away. I participated in many wars.

On that day, I sent my last report to Emperor Aurang Zeb. In this report I wrote my eyewitness account in details. I also warned Aurang Zeb in the strongest possible words not to dare challenge the incarnation of God, and desist from cruel policies and that if he did not listen to and act on my advise, then God forbid, he would lose all - his throne and family.

Gyani Dalip Singh "Komal" of Dhaunola informed that this book is lying in the archives of Aligarh University."

(Extracted from the unpublished, "History of Ramgarhias")

If any body doubts the above eyewitness account of the Visakhi of 1699, Guru Granth Sahib Ji says," Ikna nu Satguru Ki partit na Aaye." (Some who have no faith in their Guru)

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yo.......lol......sorry to break everyones amazement etc......but this article is falsified it is not real......they had a debate on it on sikhnet and it is proved to be written later.

what really happened in the tent (and it all happened in the tent) is between guruji, the panj and waheguru only. it was not done in the open, and i suspect this was where the panj were taught naam dridh (im just guessing at that, but its ment 2 b private aint it?)

o yah, and about the goats being slaughtered, that was falsified aswell. again the story came out afterwards, like after gurujis death. since the panj never told anyone, and guruji never told anyone, no one knows.

it is my opinion that the panj were beheaded in the tent, but certainly no one saw it.


moderator note: Can you post the link to this discussion from Sikhnet?

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  • 9 months later...

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. personally i feel that all this bakwas about the panj pyare being beheaded is just that, bakwas. in my opinion, Guru ji did ask for the heads of five Sikhs, who were then taken into a tent. Guru ji came out with a bloody sword after each Sikh was let in. The intent of this was to test how brave the Sikhs of the time were. from what i understand, Guru ji realized that the character of Sikhs had to be strengthened, and for this reason made the Khalsa. After the khande bate di phol ceremony, he reemergered with the panj pyare and then recieved amrit from them. All this about him actually beheading people infront of the sangat seems to have just been added in to make the story more interesting and "magical". Guru ji never performed any miricles because there was no need to. so why would he take away life and then use his powers to return it? This falsification is just like every other "sakhi" in which Guru ji was guarded by a snake, or took care of cattle while doing naam simran. please read through these stories carefully and read gurbani to see if these stories match up with Guru jis' teachings. phul chuk maf. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh.

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Yes they were beheaded, their ego was beheaded, not their physical heads. It is a metaphorical statment. As bhavneetkaur ji stated there was no need to perform this miracle of literally cutting off the head. I surrender my head to the guru, i surrender my ego to the guru, my head becomes gurus. it belongs to him once the surrender happens. Your Head is your Ego. They are interchangable.

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I beleif and have faith. Guroo maharaj literally beheaded panj pyarei with his sword and bring it back to life.

har a(n)mrith ras paaeiaa muaa jeevaaeiaa fir baahurr maran n hoee ||

Obtaining the Ambrosial Essence of the Lord, the dead are restored to life, and do not die again.

(Guru Raam Daas Ji, Raag Aasaa, 447).

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Bhavneet Kaur ji,

It would be nice to say that Guru Ji never believed performing miracles to impress someone. Although Guru Nanak Dev ji turned bitter "Rittas" into sweet candies in Reeta sahib and Gurdwaras sahib is there and so do reeta. If you get time please visit Himachal Pardesh's Gurdawaras and you will see so many miracles there and good place to watch miracles are at "Nanak -Matta" ....

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How can you prove that any of that stuff happened? I'm not talking about just some rumour that has been spread around the town and is the so-called reason for the building of that Gurudwara. Why do you feel that it would be nice to say something like that? Are we not to have complete trust in our Guru jis that everything they did was correct because they were imbued with Waheguru jis' light? What are these miracles that you speak of? Are they actually performed infront of your eyes?

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Bhavneet Kaur,

Everything is just not about proof. But if you do insist for proofs.

Look into janam sakhis. Even then you feel they are less authentic then i suggest you look in sikh saint lives who are much more enlightened than us.

If they have agree to all this events did occured that guroo maharaj showed this miracle in vaheguroo dii raaza chh (in will of vaheguroo) . Then who are we puppets and worthless worms to argue otherwise???

After all not everything is based on sceintific proof and such. The whole sikh dharma is based on prem, shardha and vishvaaaas in your guroo.

Guroo maharaj has power to change this kalyug to satyug. These little miracles are nothing infront of sargun saroop of vaheguroo (guroo nanak sahib nirankar)

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What are these miracles that you speak of? Are they actually performed infront of your eyes?

Are you telling me that whatever you believe in your life happened in front of your eyes? I can clearly see that you have no idea about these Gurdwaras and their history, so unless you save some money and make visit to India and do darshan I have no desire to waste my time. I'm telling you about historical Gurdawars not about Gurdawaras made on the basis of devotion only. So, it’s good that you first do some homework before getting so hyper or let’s say angry.

I wish you best of luck for your search though.

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I dont mean to be rude, but i personally do not believe in any of these sants or what they have to say. they might be good people and you might believe that what they say is the truth, but for me, i feel that they just pull me farther away from my sikhi. all i need is my Guru and through my interpretation, i dont feel that any Guru would ever perform a miracle because that doesnt go along with Sikh philosophy as i see it.

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I dont mean to be rude, but i personally do not believe in any of these sants or what they have to say. they might be good people and you might believe that what they say is the truth, but for me, i feel that they just pull me farther away from my sikhi. all i need is my Guru and through my interpretation, i dont feel that any Guru would ever perform a miracle because that doesnt go along with Sikh philosophy as i see it.

Bhavneet Kaur ji,

Like I said, I have no desire to go head to head with you because that's not what we are here for but I would like to share that there is more in this world, which our Gurus have done than what those western camps teach us. I'm not creating stories for bed time because you’re not kid, so please try to understand simple concept that everything is there and you can see it.

I've read your post and it clearly shows subjective attitude. Please, try to provide objective references with your post, so we can see where Gurus have denied that miracles or let's say Sikhism doesn't go with miracles?

And before you come and write one another post, I would like to make it clear that miracle happened in Sikh Gurus life but they did it to show people the right path not to impress anyoneand doing miracle to impress someone is what goes againt Gurmat . I've given Gurdwaras info and help yourself and go visit them before making any subjective post because basically you are trying to deny our historical Gurdwaras, which is kind of insult and it’s happening because you are following your own subjective knowledge.

Also, sant and Mahapurush have their own share of Sikhism Prachar. Yes, there are so many fake saints and their deras, but we can't deny existence of Mahapurush such as Sant Ishar Singh rare wale, Baba Nand Singh ji and Sant Attar Singh's contribution to Sikhism.

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It is 100% true that guru ji beheaded panj pyare in front of everybody . They wanted to test the braveness of the peole . A lot of people at that time were scared to see all that and ran away but those with faith stayed their and The five chosen ones gave their heads to guru ji .


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  • 13 years later...
Guest Khalsa Ji
The KASVATEE (benchmark) for the testing of the truth or otherwise of any kind of story, sakhi or incident is the SGGS ji.  If it does not jive with the principles of Gurbani – we put it where it rightly belong – the dustbin of fake spirituality a.k.a Koor Kabaar.

The SGGS advocates that the business of PHYSICAL birth and death is the task of the Creator. No human can interfere in this task which happens in the Hukm of the Creator.  The Gurus ALWAYS operated within the confines of the Hukm.

The SGGS advocates further that the choice of suffering SPIRITUAL death is given to the human being within the parameters of his God-given intellect. 

The task of breathing SPIRITUAL LIFE into the Seeker is the task of the Guru.

A Sikh need to have faith that Guru Gobind Singh ji, as the tenth Guru was the full custodian of the KASVATEE of Gurbani, and that he would never violate the principles of Gurbani – the same Gubani that he intended to install as the eternal Guru of the Sikhs.

On the above basis alone – the entire story can be put aside – no matter what the title.  My eye witness account of what happened from Vesakhi of 1469 till Vesakhi of 1699 (and beyond)  is in the 1429 pages.
A few other pointers may help.

1) This eye witness is named Abu Turaifi (Abu-ul-Trafi).  He was supposedly a “spy sent by Aurangzeb”.  There are NO records whatsoever of any Abu Turaifi or his report in the official documents of the Moghul Emperor – all of which are preserved in the Archives of the British Foreign Office of London.

2) The first time this “eye witness account” came out – the spy was named Abu Turani.  Scholars pointed out that there was no such person in the employ of Auragzeb.  It is perhaps the reason why the name was changed to Turaifi. We can rest assured, the name will undergo more changes.

3) The report was supposedly written for Aurangzeb.  It could not be found in Aurangzeb’s record.  The response by the purveyors of the report was that the ORIGINAL is found in some University.  How the university got hold of it need not be answered, because there was NO original in that university.  We can rest assured that the next purveyor of it will say, “actually the ORIGINAL is in ANOTHER university, or perhaps ANOTHER MANDIR.

4) But we do know where this story is FIRST mentioned. It appears in the writings of Bhai Veer Singh – a Nirmala who singlehandedly gave us THREE  of the largest DISTORTIONS of Sikhi – the inclusion of DG into our SRM, the addition of RAGMALA into the SGGS and the Fraud of Hemkund. This fake “Eye witness Account”  is his FOURTH distortion.  I am sure many more will be discovered in due course.

What were the rewards for Bhai Veer Singh by the powers of the day - the British first and then the GOI - for his role in helping  destruct the foundations of Sikhi from a position of high trust - is anybody’s guess.

But we do know that a healthy trust fund under his name is carrying on his work under a variety of ways - in particular Sikhi Research.
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@Trimandeep Singh - Let's continue our discussion on the First Amrit Sanchar here.



First of all, it is evident from history that whenever Guru Sahib takes a test, the person is successful only when he actually does it. Eg: when Guru Nanak Dev Ji tested his gursikhs (Baba Budhaa Ji, Bhai Bhagirathi Ji, Bhai Lehna Ji), when he asked them to eat the corpse, it was only Bhai Lehna who came forward. But for Guru sahib, it didn't mean that Bhai Lehna passed the test. Bhai Lehna passed the test only when he actually started eating the corpse from the feet.

Similarly, when guru sahib asked the sangat to give their head, he actually cut off their heads in front of the whole sangat.

If you say, that guru sahib took them in a tent and fooled the sangat that it was human blood on his sword, then you are accusing Guru sahib of lying to the sangat and doing something different from what he said. (sorry I said accusing, used the wrong word; I mean the implication of this saakhi)

Do you know what Gurbani says about people who speak different and do different?

ਜਿਨ੍ਹ ਮਨਿ ਹੋਰੁ ਮੁਖਿ ਹੋਰੁ ਸਿ ਕਾਂਢੇ ਕਚਿਆ ॥੧॥

(ਪਰ ਜਿਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਦੇ ਮਨ ਵਿਚ ਹੋਰ ਹੈ ਤੇ ਮੂੰਹੋਂ ਕੁਝ ਹੋਰ ਆਖਦੇ ਹਨ ਉਹ ਕੱਚੇ (ਆਸ਼ਕ) ਆਖੇ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਹਨ ।੧।)

(Those who have one thing in their heart, and something else in their mouth, are judged to be false. ||1||)

My belief is that guru sahib actually cut off their heads in front of the whole sangat and when they poured amrit in their mouth, they became alive. 



Bhul chuk maaf

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