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Not that I know of, but Guru Nanak encouraged that all Sikhs should work hard, rather than be lazy.

Plus especially in our society, it's important for Sikh Youth to study hard and become good, strong, members of society... That will also help Sikhi because we can come together and build Sikh Youth centers and non-corrupt Gurdwaras and stuff..

So studying is really important for Sikhs - you should get educated and be aware of everything around you

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Guest kaur1699

Fateh Ji,

If we look at Guru Gobind Singh Ji for example, they took a high level of interest in education and for example were fluent in a number of languages... Thus like k4ur ji has stated Guru Gubind Singh Ji Maharaj said that all his Sikh will be "purey - likhey".......(educated)

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you should work becasue you want to do it

Not because you are forced, or think that you will get a reward, or a piece of paper at the end.

at the end you die with nothing. but the memory is passed on through your atma. It is linked somehow, so reading or Tupsia in your last life will be followed through.

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